Dad Builds Incredible Roller Coaster for 3-Year-Old Son — Right in Their Backyard!

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Tired of your kids begging you to visit Disney? While we certainly can’t blame them, there is no way we’re bringing them every time they ask (just about every day).

Well, Navy pilot Scott Brazelton came up with a solution — creating a roller coaster for his 3-year-old son Wyatt, right in their backyard in Washington.

Scott was inspired to create this masterpiece after Wyatt fell in love with Disneyland. He tells Babble:

“We know he’s probably too young yet to remember this visit, but spending four days with him in the Parks while he had an ear-to-ear grin was worth every bit … He talks about the little crab that moves at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean. After he saw Mater at California Adventure he’s been asking us if he [Mater] is real. It was just sensory overload in the greatest way.”

But what really stuck with little Wyatt were the roller coasters. “Wyatt absolutely LOVED the Gadget Go Coaster in Toontown. It was his favorite Disneyland attraction for sure,” Scott recalls. “He’s just under the height limit for the more exciting rides (Splash Mountain, etc.), so we are really looking forward to going back to ride on those.”

He simply couldn’t help but dive into the ambitious project of making Wyatt his own at-home coaster. And to make sure it was safe for the little guy, he consulted with Paul Gregg of Backyard Roller Coasters who reviewed the design.

He noted in the YouTube video description, “If the neighbors could see, they’d definitely think I was nuts.” Well, that may be true, but after watching Wyatt’s reaction, we’re sure that any stares from neighbors would be well worth it.

Considering most kids get excited over the prospect of eating ice cream before dinner, we can’t even begin to fathom how Wyatt felt anticipating his very own ride. Scott explains, “Since he’s so young he didn’t completely process it, that he was going to get to ride on it, until a few days before it was done. So that’s when he got REALLY excited.”

You may be wondering, what did Wyatt’s mom think about all of this? Scott says, “She was incredibly supportive of this. She’s a great mom to Wyatt and is always up for anything that brings him joy.” And think of all the time she’ll save trekking back and forth to amusement parks in the summer!

Wyatt even had a hand in deciding the theme of the coaster. “He ended up narrowing it down to two: either a rocket ship or an airplane. He chose airplane. Since I’m a pilot, I may have influenced that decision somewhat,” says Scott.

Like father, like son!

While it’s certainly impressive to hear about Scott’s experience building the roller coaster, we can’t get enough of Wyatt’s reaction while riding it. Look at that face! He’s having the time of his 3-year-old life.

Now, all we want to know is when we can come over to ride this awesome coaster!

h/t: Huffington Post

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