Woman Has Hilarious Reaction When She Learns She’s Going to Be an Aunt

Learning you’re about to become an aunt or uncle for the first time is pretty exciting stuff, no matter who you are. It’s also YouTube Gold, as the Internet has proven time and time again. Though common reactions range from silent shock to shouts of joy to puddles of tears, if you’re Lindsay Macdonald of Scotland, then they include all of the above. The soon-to-be auntie is steadily going viral for one seriously sweet clip, in which she learns her younger brother Stuart is having a baby — and she more or less freaks out.

Since hitting YouTube on Monday, the video has gained over 12,000 views, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. It kicks off by showing Lindsay sitting on the floor while happily reading a Christmas card aloud before we get to the punchline.

“I came home from working on the Christmas market after working a 10-hour shift and I was handed a lovely Christmas card from my brother and his fiancé,” Lindsay later told ABC News.

Though her brother probably thought the envelope alone would give things away — it was addressed to “Aunty Lindsay and Uncle David” — it still took a bit for it all to gel. (After all, “Aunty Lindsay” is what she called herself when referring to Stuart’s dog, Willie, so that was nothing new.)

It’s not until Lindsay flips the card open and reads the very last signature that it all hits her: The card is signed, “Lots of love, Stuart, Katy, Willie, and… ‘Baby Mac.'”


“It was then it ‘clicked’ and I was ABSOLUTELY GOBSMACKED and could not speak (as you could probably tell by my reaction),” Lindsay later shared.

There are stares of disbelief, wails of happiness … and then tears — lots and lots of tears.

But while the auntie’s touching outburst is quickly entertaining the whole of the Internet, it’s pretty much exactly how her brother expected her to react to the news.

“The video shows Lindsay perfectly,” Stuart told ABC News. “She always wears her heart on her sleeve, so for me a reaction like this was not a surprise at all. I think everyone that knows her would have expected tears and lots of noise from her.”

Well Lindsay, the Internet thanks you. And so do we. Now if only we could be a fly on the wall when that kid’s gender is revealed …

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