Second-Grader Finds Winning Lottery Ticket, Generously Donates It to Families in Need

Every parent hopes to instill good values in their child — whether it’s by actively talking to them about kindness or doing their best to lead by example. And while ensuring your kid grows up to be a thoughtful, generous, and kind human isn’t the easiest of jobs, it’s certainly the end goal.

Of course, when your kids are still little, it’s hard to know for sure if the lessons you’re trying to teach now are sticking; but every once in a while, you catch a glimpse of the person your child is becoming, and realize that you must be doing something right.

For the parents of 7-year-old Phoebe Brown, they were able to see their efforts paying off first-hand last week, when they watched their daughter perform a truly selfless act, all on her own.

According to Action News 41, the 2nd-grader was out grocery shopping with her mom at their local Hy-Vee store in Independence, Missouri, when she stumbled upon a scratch-off lottery ticket that had been left behind. While her parents explained to the outlet that Phoebe often tries to find discarded lottery tickets to no avail, this one wasn’t just a winner — it was worth $100!

“I stepped over a lottery ticket. She sees it and grabs it up and says, ‘Mom, Mom, it’s a winner!’ And I’m like ‘no it’s not,’” recalled her mom Audrey to Action News 41.

But as it turns out, Phoebe was right, and she knew just what to do with her winnings.

Earlier that day, a school flier was sent to parents notifying them of a Thanksgiving food drive being held by Phoebe’s school, Sycamore Elementary School. When Audrey asked her daughter what she wanted to do with the money, the food drive immediately came to mind.

“Mom, Mom, can we do that?” Phoebe asked her mother excitedly, referring to the food drive.

Image Source: Action News 41/YouTube
Image Source: Action News 41/YouTube

While her parents may have assumed she’d want to buy something for herself with the $100, Audrey and Phoebe’s father, Joshua, say they were overjoyed by their daughter’s selflessness.

“You wonder, if our kids these days, if that’s how they’re thinking,” said Joshua. “And this just goes to show you they are thinking that. And that’s a real good thing.”

Joshua also offered to match Phoebe’s donation, so the Brown family went to Walmart and purchased an abundance of canned goods for the elementary school’s food drive, to later be given to others in need.

Joshua was partially motivated to contribute by his daughter’s good deed, but also mentions that he’s been in a place of needing a little help before, as well.

“There have been times where I’ve been out of work, and we had nowhere to stay and our family’s taken us in, and helped us out,” Joshua explained to Pix 11. “We’re thankful for our friends and our family.”

In the end, not only did Phoebe help families in need, but she also helped her class win the school’s food drive with a total of 541 donated items.

As for their prize? Shaving the gym teacher’s beard!

Image Source: Action News 41/YouTube
Image Source: Action News 41/YouTube

Though this may seem like an unconventional award for a fundraiser, Phoebe and her fellow classmates were elated to personally shave Mr. Horeman’s long, bushy beard.

Unsurprisingly, Phoebe’s random act of kindness has been making its way around the Internet in the last week — warming hearts everywhere and reminding us all that that giving back, even in small ways, can make a difference.

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