This Viral See n’ Say Hack Could Finally Put an End to the “What’s for Dinner?” Debate

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Like most kids, mine fight over absolutely ridiculous things. Case in point: Just last night, I broke up an argument over who had the bigger pepperoni on their slice of pizza. And forget about asking them to agree on a game to play, a movie to watch, or what to have for a snack. They will bicker all. day. long. if given half a chance. (Siblings, amirite?)

Well, parents, at least one of our (many) parenting problems seemed to be solved: Jerry Baker, of Augusta, Georgia, has invented the mother of all problem-solvers by taking a classic kids’ game of chance and tweaking it to become a much-needed answer generator.

Remember those old Fisher Price See n’ Says? Baker took one of those and re-labeled with his own hand-written answers to the constant question he and his girlfriend come up against each night: “What should we eat for dinner?”

Viola! An annoying problem is now a fun game of chance.

Laugh if you will, but this is GOLD, people. Sure, it works for making a quick dinner decision in a pinch, but just imagine all of the parenting problems you could solve with this thing. What snacks to eat, what movies to watch, what outdoor activity to do, what game to play … the options are endless.

And if the kids start to complain? Well, what are you going to do? The thingamabob has spoken — fish sticks for dinner it is, kids!

By placing the final answer to questions of what to do, where to go, or even what to eat onto an inanimate object, parents can get out of having to be the bad guy by siding with one kid over another, or by making a third, even less popular decision.

You want to go the movies, but you want to go the park? Well tough one, kids; we’re going grocery shopping!

Think about it: Kids would get the fun of playing a game of chance with their everyday activities, turning this already brilliant contraption into (potentially) hours of fun; not to mention distractions so that mom and dad can get a break. Heck, this could even be a brilliant way to handle chore charts.

My mom brain is on FIRE with ideas, people!

Baker’s ingenious problem-solver DIY was posted to Facebook just a few days ago, and has already been shared more than 164,000 times. (Clearly, people know a brilliant invention when they see one.) The comment section of the post is also very telling: A quick scroll through shows that most of the commentators tagged family members or said, “We need this!” Which is clearly an indication of how much arguing over mundane things happens at other people’s houses, too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to order a See n’ Say so that I can put an end to the ongoing bickering at my house over who gets to be Luke Skywalker and who gets to be Yoda.

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