“Selfie Dad” Goes Viral After Recreating His Daughter’s Photos

Chris “Burr” Martin, of Spokane, Washington, knows how to seriously Dad.

When the comedian and costume maker noticed a few selfies on his 19-year-old daughter Cassie’s Instagram that he wasn’t comfortable with, he first asked her nicely to rethink them. And when that (of course) didn’t work, he decided to give her a taste of her own medicine by recreating them in a way only a dad could.

“I just did it because she kept posting all these sexy selfies and I was like, ‘Just tone it down a little bit,’” Martin told KXLY. “Well she didn’t. So I thought, ‘Well, I’ll show you what it looks like then.’”

And that he did.

Martin put together copy-cat outfits of his daughter’s, drew on his stomach to mimic her tattoos, grabbed his phone, and voila! An Internet sensation was born — duckface and all.

“As soon as [the photograph] started getting up to like 900 [views], that’s when I was like, ‘what if this hits a thousand?'” Cassie said. “The next day it hit 10,000, the next day it hit, like, 12,000. It just kept going.”

While time can only tell if this will discourage or encourage Cassie to “tone down” her photos, at least for now the world can share in a good laugh.

h/t: ABC News

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