Dad Is Stunned When Stolen Christmas Gifts Are Returned — Along with an Apology Note

Every December, me and my Amazon Prime account are basically likethis. As a parent, online shopping is by far the most convenient (and least painful) way for me to get all my Christmas shopping done in time. Plus, it comes with a fun little reward at the end: the joy of having a little something waiting on my doorstep. Merry Christmas to ME!

But imagine getting an alert that your package has been delivered, only to discover once you get home that it’s nowhere to be found. That’s exactly what happened to Utah dad Shawn Kojima recently, and after checking his security camera footage, he quickly discovered it had been stolen right from his doorstep.

Image Source: Shawn Kojima

Soon after, Kojima went to the police, and took their advice by turning to social media for help. But he tells Babble he was pretty surprised at the response his post got in the days that followed.

“I was honestly thinking that a few of my friends would repost the pics I posted on social media,” he says, adding, “To my surprise it caught on like wildfire.”

Some of the comments on the post actually mentioned the full name of a possible suspect and where he could be found multiple times. But then the story took a different turn.

Two days after the package had been stolen, it was returned to Kojima’s doorstep along with a letter of apology and a small stuffed animal. According to Kojima, the original package contained Christmas gifts for his two daughters and his ex-mother-in-law. It was returned with all missing items, along with a stuffed animal. Kojima thinks the culprit chose to leave a stuffed animal for his kids after discovering the children’s clothing inside the package.

“My youngest daughter Cici is 4 years old was so excited when the package was delivered back to us,” Kojima explains, adding that she had “no idea” what was in the package (because it was for Christmas), but “she just kept cheering that ‘we won’ and wanted me to hang the letter on my fridge where I hang her and her sister’s art.”

Image Source: Shawn Kojima

It’s a beautiful response from an innocent child discovering that good things can happen. (Even from a bad situation.) Whether the man who stole the package returned it out of remorse or fear, the fact is that it was returned; and Kojima’s little girls were able to witness it.

In the letter, the anonymous author admits to stealing the package, and feeling remorseful.

“I am writing you this letter to apologize for the scumbag move I made the other day,” it reads. “When ringing the doorbell, that was not my intention. I was looking to ask if your vinyl fence was for sale. I do not know what come over me.”

Image Source: Shawn Kojima

The writer goes on to explain that they are “truly sorry” for their “selfish ways”, and that it will never happen again. Finally, it concludes with this heartfelt promise: “If you ever need anything I will be at your service.”

When asked how he feels about the person who stole from him, Kojima admits, “I don’t know his story or his situation,” but says that he was brought up to believe that “it doesn’t really matter your situation, you should never steal from someone else.”

Kojima is also hopeful for some good to come from sharing his story.

“I really just hope that maybe just maybe, he may have learned a lesson from this,” he says, “and other people thinking of doing this same thing he did change their mind because of what this story has become.”

Image Source: Shawn Kojima

Unfortunately, what happened to Kojima is not at all unusual, but the outcome of his story certainly is. He tells Babble that people from across the U.S. are now reaching out to him to share their own stories and congratulate him. It’s a happy ending for sure; maybe even a “Christmas Miracle”, if you think about it. In the end, it reinforced a valuable lesson to thousands, and gave Kojima’s daughters the chance to see a wrong being made right, which is worth far more than what the actual package contained, if you ask me.

Image Source: Shawn Kojima
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