14 Heartwarming Photos of Siblings Meeting for the First Time

If there’s anything sweeter than looking at adorable photos of siblings meeting for the very first time, I certainly haven’t found it yet. There’s just something so magical about that meeting, when newly-minted big brothers and big sisters giddily run up to meet their younger counterparts. Staring at them with wonder through the hospital window, peering into their bassinets, sitting oh-so-still as their new baby brother or sister is placed into their arms …  It gets me every single. time.

I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think of how excited I was for my own kids to burst into the hospital room and meet their little siblings. It’s a moment of pure love.

Image Source: Chaunie Brusie

And even though we know our kids will go on to fight tooth and nail — finding new and creative ways to argue about the most ridiculous things and driving you crazy with complaints of “Mom, he’s BREATHING by me!” — seeing snapshots of those first meetings can still bring us back to a much simpler time. Back when our kids first met and fell in love.

We’ve rounded up some of the sweetest images out there. (Hold back your ovaries, ladies, because you’re in for an emotional ride.)

Image Source: Kathleen Sohn Reed
Image Source: K Reeder Photography
Image Source: Bryn Huntpalmer
Image Source: Heather Neal
Image Source: Grace Patton
Image Source: Kristina Hernandez
Image Source: Mandy Lange
Image Source: Katie Van Brunt
Image Source: Hilary Dudek
Image Source: Kristine Ginther
Image Source: Alanna Zammet
Image Source: Lori Garcia
Image Source: Dara Pettinelli Kapoor

And if you can handle any more cuteness, be sure to give the podcast The Birth Hour a listen today with their special sibling episode, interviewing kids who were present at their siblings’ birth.

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