11 Signs You Spend Way Too Much Time in Your Car

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Image Source: Thinkstock

I set up a snacking station in my car yesterday. Complete with forks, spoons, napkins, bottles of water, and enough snacks to get us through the next few weeks if I’m lucky. I was tired of re-stocking my bag every day. It would either add on an extra 10 minutes to get out the door, or if I forgot all together, it was a whinefest of the kids complaining they were hungry every five minutes. So the snack station was the resolution. It was almost the moment I realized that I spend way too much time in my car.

School’s started again, and that means that I am now officially in my car more than I am in my house during the week. Between the kids’ school schedules, afternoon activities, and my own schedule, it’s safe to say we are living out of the car — and apparently I’m not alone in this.

The backseat looks like a spare bedroom.

“I went in the back seat where my daughter sits in her car seat and found that she’s practically made a room out of it. She had a pillow, blanket, crayons, snacks, drinks, money, and even a pair of underwear. She’s more organized in the back of the car than her actual room is.” Me

It’s a hot mess.

“I collect more trash in the car during the week than I do inside the house.” — Me

It’s the go-to place for missing items.

“My kids ask me where something is, and the first place I tell them to look is the car.” — Me

There are more pairs of shoes scattered on the floor than on feet.

“When all my kids’ shoes are in the car and not in the house.” — Courtney S. 

It’s a graveyard of drink containers.

“‘Lost’ sippy cups and bottles are usually ‘found’ in the car.” — Rena E. 

People make comments.

“When you take your car to get detailed and the guy whistles and says, ‘Oh man, she’s going to take a lot of work … ‘” — Meredith M. 

It has its own garbage can.

“There’s a little garbage bag or can in the car for any trash.” — Lisa L. 

It’s got everything you could possible need to survive.

“We could spend a night in the car and have everything we need: clothes, food, blankets, diapers, toys, etc.” — Lisette R.

There are spare changes of clothes.

“There are more clothing options in the car than in the closet!” — Nicole O. 

You have your own condiment selection.

“When you’re not even mad they forgot ketchup in the drive through … because you have a whole stash of condiments with all those napkins in the glove box.” — Allyse Bray

It doubles as a nap station.

“There’s a pillow and blanket in the car for naps. Possibly adult naps … ” — Amelia B. 


As a mom of three children with very active schedules (along with a busy schedule of my own), it’s the norm now that I spend my time in the car for most of the day. Thank goodness technology has brought us to the point that it’s actually possible for us to live out of it.

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