6 Big Brothers Welcome Home Their New Baby Sister

Meet little Ruby Jane, the only girl in a family with six older brothers. She just came home from the hospital, breaking a 13-year, all-boy streak. Thankfully, her parents captured the moment she got to meet her siblings on camera — and the footage will melt your heart.

“This is Ruby and I love her,” her 4-year-old brother, Shepherd announces on their first meeting. And each of her other six older brothers had equally sweet reactions to meeting the tiny baby.

“She’s just so small,” Ruby’s oldest brother, Jackson says. “I didn’t even think babies were this little!”

While living in a house of boys will certainly come with challenges, make no mistake, Ruby Jane will be the most protected little girl in the neighborhood:

“She’s as precious as a ruby,” Sawyer, 7, says sweetly over the tiny baby. “And if I lost her, I would join the police force, and I would get whoever did it and probably lock them up in jail for 1,000 years.”

Yikes. He seems serious about that, too.

The Lair brothers are already preparing for the boys who will want to date their little sister. Campbell, 10, explains that all Ruby Jane will have to say to her future boyfriend is, “Here, meet my brothers. To have me, you’re going to have to get through all of them.”

Ruby Jane, it looks like you’re in very good hands.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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