Meet the 8-Year-Old Skateboarding Prodigy Who’s Blowing Up the Internet

Sky Brown lives in Miyazaki, Japan, but we have a feeling she’s going to become a household name worldwide soon. The 8-year-old recently made history as the youngest female ever to compete in the Vans US Open Pro Series.

She and her 5-year-old brother, Ocean, have been blowing up on social media with their incredible skate tricks posted to Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. With their parents running their accounts, these little skate prodigies have a combined 128k followers, and one of Sky’s recent videos has over 232k views.

Their father, Stu, told BuzzFeed that Sky has been skating since before she could even walk. No wonder she can keep up with the pros now!

Even though Sky is destroying competitions against skaters twice or three times her age, she’s still had to get used to people treating her differently because she’s a young girl.

“This is something that Sky has stood up to her whole eight years. She used to get burnt constantly by older boys and grown men. But instead of backing down she just got fired up and is on a mission. You’ve never seen an 8-year-old girl so determined to do what she loves,” Stu told BuzzFeed. “As her father, this is something I’m so proud of her, and whatever she chooses to be in the future I know she will go for it.”

We’re beyond impressed by these two talented kids and the impact they’re having on the skating world.

“I’m proud of the children when I get messages from men and women about how they have been inspired by them,” Stu said. “She’s got a huge following from girls old and young all around the world that she had inspired, and as it grew and as she improved we got a lot of men skaters.”

And they’re not the only skate prodigies to destroy age expectations. Ben Mondy of Grind TV said, “Sky is following in the footsteps of other incredibly young, talented skater girls such as 6-year-old Quincy Symonds, a.k.a. the ‘Flying Squirrel,’ and Sabre Norris, the 9-year-old whose video of her completing a 540 has had over a million views globally.” Not only that, but 9-year-old Asher Bradshaw became the youngest person to land a 900 in 2014, 15 years after skate legend Tony Hawk landed the trick for the first time.

We can’t wait to see these kids continue to skate and show the world who’s boss.

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