Mom Shamed for Filming Workout Video in Target, Claps Back by Posting Another in Walmart

You know what I don’t have time for these days? Going to the gym. Or giving a flying you-know-what about my figure, for that matter. I’m a busy mom of three, so the mere idea of hitting the treadmill is basically a pipe dream at this point. Instead, I pin fancy yoga poses on Pinterest while I soothingly tell myself that “someday” I too will have a “yoga butt”. I also follow a few fitness bloggers on Instagram, because let’s be real, sometimes seeing another mom looking THAT fabulous is enough to get me to at least pop in a Jillian Michaels DVD while the kids nap.

When I caught a viral video of fitness blogger Sia Cooper squatting in what looked like the middle of Target this week, I’m not going to lie, my first thought was, “Huh?” But that was quickly followed up by, “Oh, man, that is brilliant.”

Cooper, who runs Diary of a Fit Mommy, was literally getting a workout in while shopping WITH HER KIDS at Target. I don’t care who you are — that’s an incredible feat that deserves a round of applause.

But you know who didn’t care for her post? Internet trolls. Yup, the keyboard warriors came out of the woodwork faster than you can imagine, and started criticizing Cooper for practically everything. Some took issue with the fact that Cooper was squatting in the sacred place of worship that is Target. (Sigh … ) They were even rude enough to suggest that she take her squats to Walmart, where it was implied that she’d fit in better.


So, you know what Cooper did? You guessed it: She took her amazing mom bod over to Walmart and did a workout right there in the aisles while shopping with her kids. HELLO!

Needless to say, the second video has taken off, too.

Cooper tells Babble that the last week has been a “whirlwind” since both videos have gone viral, and explains that she was inspired to make the first by her husband, who was shopping with her and their daughter one morning in a nearly-empty store.

“We were so busy that morning that I realized I wasn’t able to do my workout,” she shares, “so the idea of doing a shopping workout popped into my mind. I figured, ‘What if busy moms could kill two birds with one stone?’ I tried it and thus the viral video was born!”

Cooper says she didn’t expect the video to go viral — or to get so much flack for daring to do a workout at Target.

“I’m desensitized for the most part when it comes to bullying,” Cooper admits, “but the comments about Walmart gif peeve me. Walmart does have cheaper pricing and so many people shop there. Sure, it’s not as popular or hip as Target, but there’s no need to judge.” (Amen, sister.)

Sadly, though, the comments just keep on coming.

“Walmart just shared the video on their Instagram and Facebook pages this morning and of course, I have haters tearing even the Walmart video apart as well,” Cooper tells Babble. “People get so brave behind a damn keyboard and they type things that they wouldn’t otherwise dare say to my face. It’s got to stop. It’s sickening.”


Cooper is choosing to look at this experience as a life lesson, and hopes that the take-away here is that moms who want to get a workout in, but just like me, are too busy to breathe, can still find fun ways to do it — without feeling like they’re adding yet another huge task the to-do list.

“I want them to know that they do not have to spend countless dollars on a gym,” Cooper says. “Most moms don’t have time to make that daily gym run. The world is your gym and you can multitask to get shit done! Don’t be afraid of what people think and just do what’s best for your mental and physical health. A happy mommy equals a happy family. You can’t take care of your kids if you don’t take care of yourself first.”

I gotta say, I love every bit of her advice. But more than that, I love how brave she is for showing her haters who the real boss is here.

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