Kids Tell Their Version of the Nativity Story, and We Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means houses are starting to light up with festive decorations, cars are driving by with Christmas trees strapped to their roofs, and Nativity scenes are popping up around town.

I remember growing up, my favorite part of decorating for the holidays was putting up the Nativity scene. While my grandparents had a fancy porcelain set that we were definitely not allowed to touch, my parents had a plastic toy set for me and my little brother. When we set up the scene, we had to give my mom the little baby Jesus, who would magically show up in the manger when he was “born” on Christmas Day.

If there’s one story many of us know all too well, it’s the Nativity story. Even kids learn it from a young age, and though sometimes it’s hard for them to keep all the facts straight, their versions makes for very entertaining tales. That’s why we’re dying over this video from Southland Christian Church, which perfectly captures kids telling their hilarious interpretations of the story of Christmas.

As children sit down to tell the tale, the video cuts to adults acting out their explanation word-for-word, similar to the style of one of my favorite shows, Drunk History. (Side note: Kid’s History would definitely be equally as funny.)

The entire video is hilarious, and it’s hard to pick the best parts. Here are some highlights:


Image Source: Southland Christian Church via Facebook
Image Source: Southland Christian Church via Youtube

It’s definitely accurate that Mary said, “This donkey’s fast,” complete with a sassy finger-wave.

The Wise Men’s gifts

Image Source: Southland Christian Church
Image Source: Southland Christian Church via Youtube

One kid went the route of what she would want as a present: “A stuffed animal. Like a hippo one that I have at home.” And another went the super practical route, that probably would’ve actually been helpful to Mary and Joseph: “Some diapers, and wipes, and milk, some shoes, some Jordan’s.”

“The room was very smelly.”

Image Source: Southland Christian Church
Image Source: Southland Christian Church via Youtube

You know kids, their imaginations always include the finest of details. Somehow always involving poop.

Joseph just being honest.

Image Source: Southland Christian Church via Youtube
Image Source: Southland Christian Church via Youtube

“I love you, and, you the best baby I ever seen. There, I said it.”

The entire video is just pure gold. And although it was originally posted on Christmas Eve last year, it’s been circulating around Facebook again recently. Since it was first posted on Southland Christian Church’s Facebook page, the video has gotten 17 million views, 80k likes, and over 400k shares.

Now this is the perfect way to give us a laugh, while simultaneously putting us in the Christmas spirit.

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