There’s a Spa Just for Babies and We’re Both Intrigued and Incredibly Jealous

OK, Internet, I’m going to show you something that might make you wince, but just bare with me …

Behold, spa babies!

If you just did a double-take, I get it — those weird neck floaties threw me for a loop, too. But look how happy and adorable those babies are!

Every mom wants a day at the spa to get away from the daily duties of raising tiny humans, but what if it turns out that a day at the spa for the baby is the real trick to relaxation? It apparently is for babies Down Under.

In Perth, Australia there’s a one-of-a-kind day spa called Baby Spa, designed just for babies. Parents are encouraged to participate their child’s relaxation with a hands-on massage, and supervise while their bundles of joy float in pools of warm and relaxing waters of a hydrotherapy bath that the company claim can improve babies’ cardiovascular system.

And those floaties that surely got you to raise an eyebrow? Don’t worry, they’re perfectly safe. According to the website:

“The Bubby has been vigorously tested and is perfectly comfortable for your baby. Developed over 40 years by professional swimming teacher Laura Sevenus, and recently launched in Perth, Baby Spa is the only facility the world that uses our own patented floating device.”

The Spa Baby website also assures that baby massage has many benefits. For the parents, massage offers a unique and gentle way to bond both physically but also cognitively as parents are taught to focus on “behavioral states and cues” of their child. The spa claims that these skills will lead to “improved self-esteem and confidence and assist with post-natal depression.”

As for the babies themselves? Well, they get to look absolutely adorable as they chill out and bask in the glow of loving attention from their parents. The good folks at Spa Baby claim that this kind of relaxation promotes bonding and secure attachment, which they say is important for the babies’ ability to learn. They also claim that baby massage “supports the stimulation of digestive and circulatory systems, reducing the discomfort of constipation and colic.”

There may be some science to that claim. According to the Mayo Clinic, baby massage can promote bonding between parent and child, “positively affect infant hormones that control stress,” and help reduce crying. (Which sounds pretty magical.) The Mayo Clinic website also shares that: “Although further research is needed, some studies also suggest that infant massage involving moderate pressure might promote growth for premature babies.”

For a one-hour session, the benefits sure sound like a golden opportunity for parents and babies to recharge and bond . And while it may not be as relaxing for the mom as, say, a luxurious seaweed wrap and fresh mimosa, nothing beats making your child feel loved and safe.

These lucky babies sure look like they are glowing. (Color me jealous.)

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