This Spa for Parents Will Let You Finally Nap in Peace — While They Watch Your Kids

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If I had a nickel for every time I lamented how exhausting motherhood is — and fantasized about getting just a teeny bit of “me time” — I’d be a rich woman. Thankfully, for busy and very tired parents in Los Angeles, California, there is now a spa that caters to parents in need of that kid-free TLC. (In other words, all of us.)

It’s called Spa Lé La, and it offers a bevy of relaxing treatments that sound pretty amazing — from the Healer Massage to Deep Sleep Reflexology. You can also indulge in lots of other specialty treatments, like microdermabrasion and even a pumpkin peel. Need a mani-pedi or a waxing while you’re there? No problem. Just want to lounge in a tub or soak your feet for a while? That’s on the menu, too.

Spa Lé La doesn’t just tempt parents in with their ultra-relaxing spa treatments, though. It also solves another common problem that often stops parents from booking that massage: The stress of hiring a sitter. With qualified nannies on site to keep kids occupied and happy away from Mom and Dad, parents can get the peace and quiet they need. And in case you’re thinking this extra service must be super pricey, it’s not. The spa doesn’t charge extra for the first child, but additional kids are $6 each for the entire visit. (Sweet!)

But here’s my favorite part: Spa Lé La offers a nap room where parents can pay $40 to just chill out. Did you hear that? A NAP ROOM, PEOPLE. I don’t know about you, but as a sleep-deprived mom of three, this sounds like a straight-up fantasy to me.

Even better? Parents get 30 minutes of “lounge time” either before or after their appointment, while the kids get nanny time and mom or dad gets “me time.”

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If you’re wondering what kind of genius dreamt this all up, it may come as no surprise to learn it’s the brainchild of a mom. A mom who’s been there — through the exhaustion, the lack of me time, and the days where you’re just getting by on endless cups of coffee and sheer will.

Founder Trina Renea says she was inspired to create the spa soon after her daughter was born.

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“I couldn’t believe a place like this did not exist,” Renea tells Babble, “so I just had to do it.”

And her clients are so glad she did.

For anyone who might scoff at the idea of such a luxury when you have kids, Renea argues that self-care shouldn’t be an extra for any parent.

“I feel like parents need to [practice] self-care to be better to their children and themselves,” she says. “So I created a place where they can do that and we watch their kids for free.”

Parents who visit the spa can leave their kids in the playroom under the watchful eye of trained nannies for up to two hours. Renea adds that they’re welcome to use more than two hours of nanny time, but they’re asked to spend 30 minutes with their child before going back in for more treatments. This rule reinforces the overall goal of the spa, Renea says, which is to help parents be their best selves for their kids.

“Our nannies play on the floor with the children and are highly engaged in active play,” Renea explains. “They do art projects and yoga and music and games. The children never want to leave. And they ask their parents to come back to Spa Lé La when they are home. They love it!”

These fun nannies aren’t just your typical babysitters, either. Every employee at the spa is certified in CPR and given a thorough background check before being hired. They also must be Trustline certified by the state of California.

“We go through an extensive interview process,” says Renea. “All nannies have to have experience with multiple children at one time. They also have to be comfortable with children 6 months to 9 years.”

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Above all, Spa Lé La wants parents to rest assured that while they’re relaxing during a facial or even taking a nap, their kids are safe.

So far, the concept of moms practicing self-care without feeling guilt or shame has been very well received. But what if you’re a mom like me who doesn’t live in LA and can’t book an appointment with Spa Lé La?

“It’s important to take time away from your kids even if it’s just a half-hour during your day to sit in silence and regroup, especially when you are at your breaking point,” says Renea. “Thats the time you need to step away somehow. That’s the time I tell moms to jump in the car and drive to Spa Lé La and we will wrap our hands around them and sweep their little ones off to the playroom. They can take a break and when they come back to their children everyone is happy.”

A mom relaxes in the tub at Spa Le La with a glass of champagne
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Unfortunately, I happen to live clear across the country from Spa Lé La, which means I can’t exactly hop in the car and drive on over. But even so, I’m taking Renea’s advice to heart. Even if that only means a few minutes of quiet time here and there, the point is that I’m taking it.

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