‘Star Wars’ Fans Welcome Twins on May 4th, and Their Middle Names Are Perfect

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New parents Kendall and Ross Floyd hold their babies proudly from the hospital room.
Image Source: Kendall Robbins

If a kid grows up as avid Star Wars fan, there are a few things they inevitably dream of — like battling Darth Vader or Kylo-Ren, getting Jedi training from Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi, or boarding the Millennium Falcon with Chewie, Leia, and Han Solo. And, as they get married and prepare to start a family, they may imagine naming their kids after the iconic characters. Or, even better … having those kids on, of all days, May 4th.

If you’re not sure why May 4th is so special to Star Wars fans, it’s a pun on the phrase “May the Force Be With You” (AKA “May the Fourth Be With You” — get it?). On this day, fans of the storied book and movie franchise don their favorite Star Wars T-shirts, maybe watch their favorite episode (mine is VIII), and engage in some lightsaber battles with their friends and family.

Or, have twins and name them Luke and Leia.

At least, that’s exactly how life-long Star Wars fans Kendall and Ross Robbins of Hooper, Utah rang in this past May 4. Pregnant with twins, they scheduled their induction on May 4, with full intentions of naming their kids after the brother-sister duo that played such a pivotal role in their childhoods.

“What we love about Star Wars is how it can bring people together from all walks of life regardless of their backgrounds,” Kendall tells Babble. “There are valid life lessons from a galaxy far, far away that can be applied in your daily life. The sheer vastness of what has become the Star Wars Universe, with countless characters and locations, each with their own backstory and how they all overlap.”

So you could say that this couple lucked out with having boy-girl twins in May. Or, you could say that all the stars in the universe aligned (at least the ones in a galaxy far, far away).

Kendall tells Babble that as soon as she and her husband found out both a boy and girl would make them parents in May, they knew their middle names would be Luke and Leia. Plus, they just had to have a Star Wars themed nursery.

The Ross family nursery shows a 'Star Wars' quote on the wall.
Image Source: Kendall Robbins
In the Ross family nursery, a shot of the crib shows various stuffed animals based on 'Star Wars' characters.
Image Source: Kendall Robbins

Kendall also says that just like their namesakes, she hopes her kids embody “unwavering hope, perseverance in the face of adversity, strength, compassion, and a willingness to help others.” Oh, and “if they can learn to move things using the Force it would help out with the household chores immensely,” she adds. (Girl, I hear that!)

Kendall and Ross’s new Padawans, named Rowan Luke and Kai Leia, are healthy and home from the hospital, and their parents are getting used to their new life as parents.

The Ross family nursery shows paintings of 'Star Wars' characters on the wall.
Image Source: Kendall Robbins

“We look forward to them continuing to grow and learn,” Kendall tells Babble, “and hope that the Star Wars universe will always have a fond place in their hearts just as it does in ours.”

Well, they’ve got tough shoes to fill, but they’ll undoubtedly succeed, as it sounds like Mom and Dad are pretty prepared and will ensure these kids are well trained for all their missions in life.

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