Blogger Creates “Sexy” Halloween Costumes for Moms That Are So Funny It Hurts

It’s almost that time of year again — when your kid tells you the night before Halloween that they no longer want to be Batman and would very much like to be Buzz Lightyear instead. So, you either race back to the Halloween store before it closes or rip through your craft closet to see what you can whip together yourself.

It’s no wonder then that your own Halloween costume often falls by the wayside. That is, if you even attempt to dress up at all. Because seriously, if you’ve taken a walk down the Halloween aisles lately, you’ve probably noticed that 99% of the costumes they make for women have the word “sexy” in the name.

*Eye roll*

Stephanie Horman, of the lifestyle blog Modern Day Wonderland, gets it. I mean she really really GETS IT.

“After walking down the aisle of our local costume shop, I realized that everything out there has a sexy spin on it,” she tells Babble. “The sexy doctor, sexy firefighter, sexy minion (yes, I kid you not on the minion one).”

So Horman decided to put her own spin on the whole “sexy” costumes trend for women — by taking the liberty of sharing easy DIY costume ideas for moms that can all be made with items you already have laying around the house. And don’t worry — they’re pretty “sexy” too! (It just depends on your definition.)

There’s the Pouty Plumber …

The Seductive Seamstress …

And — my personal favorite — 50 Shades of Mysterious Stains.

For the record, this one just so happens to be Horman’s favorite costume, too. (“Don’t worry,” she adds, “it’s not actually baby poop; my daughter had a blast getting to spray Mom with a bottle full of mustard.”)

There’s also the Damsel of Dishes (which I’m sure will look all too familiar to you).

And the Green-Thumbed Goddess, who we all long to be …

Horman has been sharing the hilarious images on her Instagram account, and plans to keep unveiling more throughout the month of October.

“So far the response to this series has been great,” she tells Babble. “I’ve had moms message me after a post goes up to tell me about the last time they burned a meal, accidentally sewed pant legs together, or had a massive poop explosion. Truth is, we’ve all been there, so it’s fun to make light of these situations.”

It certainly is.

The Canadian mom of two says she started her blog just a few years ago as a way to take time for herself once her kids were in bed.

“Over the past few years, my style has evolved from crafts and recipes into more of a humorous take on parenting,” she says. “My favorite content to create is anything that parents can look at and immediately relate to.”

Needless to say, mission accomplished there.

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