Stranger Comes to Mom’s Rescue on Flight, Restores Our Faith in Humanity

Image Source: Rebekka Garvison
Image Source: Rebekka Garvison

When Nyfesha Miller noticed a stressed-out mama and her crying baby on her flight, she could have done what many usually do: roll her eyes, let out a sigh, and continue flipping through SkyMall. But instead, Miller decided to help — and she’s now being praised by thousands for her actions.

Here’s how it all went down:

New mom Rebekka Garvison just couldn’t get her baby Rylee to stop crying while on a flight. Her seat mate, Nyfesha Miller, asked if she could take the baby and give it a try — and it worked like a charm! Rylee slept happily in Miller’s lap for the entire flight. She even carried Rylee off the plane so Garvison wouldn’t have to schlep the stroller, car seat, and baby all by herself. How awesome is that?

After the flight, Garvison took to Facebook to share a public “thank you” note to Miller, detailing exactly what went down and how grateful she was to the kind woman. It quickly went viral with over 96k shares and 200 comments since it was posted on September 24:

One can only hope that this story resonates with everyone who reads it and that people everywhere who can relate (and even those who can’t) will try to follow Nyfesha’s example.

How often do we see another mother struggling and say to ourselves, “Oh, girl, I’ve been there.” Right! We have been there. So who better to take the initiative to jump in and lend a hand? In the grocery store, at school drop off, on the soccer field — we’ve all, at one point or another, been trapped between an annoyed mob and a screaming kid.

So let’s also be Nyfesha Miller, too. The one who sees a woman in need and instead of rolling her eyes, rolls up her sleeves.

You’re a class act, Ms. Miller. (And one heck of a baby whisperer!)

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