Campaign Performs Stuffed Animal Transplants to Teach Kids About Organ Donation

As parents, we see lots of worn out stuffed animals — kids use them as pillows, drag them through the dirt, and wipe their noses all over them.

A Japanese organization called Second Life Toys is using these broken stuffed animals to bring awareness and understanding of organ transplants and donations, straight to children. This project performs special “transplants,” using donor parts to bring new life back into other toys. These fresh new stuffed animals are symbolic of human lives that are greatly impacted through transplants.

They’re specifically targeting kids in Japan, where organ transplants are a huge issue. “In Japan currently there are about 14,000 people waiting for organ transplant. Among them, only 300 people receive the actual organ transplant annually,” says Green Ribbon Project Committee Director Misa Ganse.

We can’t help but fall in love with the adorable animals and know these kids will too!

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