Kindhearted 5-Year-Old Raises Over $600 So Classmates Can Have Milk Every Day

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Image source: Jackie Sue Oelfke

It’s a rule in 5-year-old Sunshine Oelfke’s house that she has milk with every meal. So it came as a surprise during school one day when one of her classmates didn’t have milk during snack time. Concerned her friend couldn’t buy milk for themselves, Sunshine decided to bring money the next day so her friend could have it.

Her generous gesture doesn’t come as a surprise to her grandma, Jackie. Her granddaughter, who she says “is obsessed with flamingos and snowmobiling,” regularly does chores and picks up loose change on the sidewalk to put in her piggy banks. One of her banks was reserved to buy a snowmobile of her own, Jackie tells Babble. But when her friend needed help, Sunshine didn’t think twice about giving her savings to them.

“I always tell my students when they do something that really amazes me, I get kindergarten goosebumps,” Sunshine’s teacher, Rita Hausher told TV 6. “I got kindergarten goosebumps from my toes to the top of my head.”

milk money
Image source: Jackie Sue Oelfke

What started as a selfless gesture for a friend has grown into Sunshine raising funds so every friend in her class has milk money available should they need it.

“She understands that some kids don’t want it and some kids can’t have it, but she wants to make sure the option is there for them, just in case,” Jackie tells Babble. “She continues to take money from her piggy bank to school because she saw another friend that didn’t have milk.”

Grandma Jackie helped her start a GoFundMe account and together they have raised over $600 in under a week — all of which she plans to donate to those in need at her school. At age 5, Sunshine may not comprehend exactly what her good deed has started, but “is very happy that her friend now gets milk with her every day.”

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Image source: Jackie Sue Oelfke

“We talk about our rules and do what’s right and treat others the way you want to be treated,” Principal Bernie Anderson told TV 6. “This all kind of falls in line and it’s a great example that when you teach it and you emphasize it, the children pick up on it; they understand there’s a need and they understand the value in helping.”

Imagine what we could accomplish if everyone was paying attention as intently as Sunshine. It goes to show that no matter what the age, it doesn’t take much to help those in need.

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