Mom Casually Stages Photo Shoot in Her ’90s Bridesmaid Dress — and Honestly, We’re Dying

There are some fashion trends that belong in the past. Polyester bellbottoms. Fanny packs. Those over-the-top shoulder pads we all used to wear for some unknown reason.

Bridesmaid dresses that look like your grandmother’s Thanksgiving tablecloth, however, deserve to be honored and celebrated for all of time.

Just ask Heidi Mann, the hilarious mom who’s going viral after staging a photo shoot while wearing a bridesmaid dress that she originally wore back in 1995. And let me tell you, it is Internet gold.

Image Source: Tammi Sauer

The story behind the bridesmaid dress actually belongs to Tammi Sauer, Mann’s longtime college friend and the children’s book author behind tales like Mary Had a Little Glam and Your Alien Returns. It was Sauer’s 1995 wedding to her now-husband Ron that first kicked off the dress’ infamy.

“In high school, I was a huge fan of the Jessica McClintock prom dress,” Sauer tells Babble. “I still have two of them in my closet. Anyway, when I saw that there was a real deal pattern to make a Jessica McClintock gown, well, I seriously had no choice.”

Image Source: Tammi Sauer

“The best part was I got to pick out the details,” she continues. “I was sure that an off-the-shoulder burgundy gown made from miles of brocade fabric and topped with a white lacy/crochet-y thing would be the dream dress.”

And boy, was she right on the money with that one …

Image Source: Tammi Sauer


Image Source: Tammi Sauer

Sauer was pretty pleased with how the dresses came out on The Big Day, but says she had “no idea” her friend had kept it hanging in her closet all these years. And the subsequent photo shoot? Well, that was a total surprise, too, says Sauer — a seriously hilarious one.

Here’s Heidi casually lounging on the couch in her dress …

Image Source: Tammi Sauer

And doing the laundry …

Image Source: Tammi Sauer

And watering her daffodils (as one does) …

Image Source: Tammi Sauer

(See? Who says bridesmaid dresses never get any use?)

Sauer says she found the photos so hilarious, she shared them on Facebook, where they’ve since gone viral. Needless to say, the good people of the Internet have been enjoying them ever since.

“[The response] has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Sauer. “We’re so glad that we’ve been able to give people a laugh. The way this small joke shared between friends has taken off has been a huge and wonderful surprise.”

As for fashion regrets, Sauer says she has none — if she could hop in her DeLorean and go back in time, she wouldn’t change a single thing about her wedding. She’d still pick out that awesome, tablecloth-looking Grandma dress for each and every one of her bridesmaids, and love it just the same.

“Ha! I’d be letting my 22-year-old self down if I didn’t,” she says.

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