Target’s New Mother’s Day T-Shirt Collection Celebrates the Strength of Moms

Last night, I was browsing Target’s website for some slouchy V-neck tees. As a mom of four, I basically live in a pair of distressed jeans, soft cotton t-shirts, and canvas sneakers. (Not to mention an ever-present messy top-knot and giant thermos of coffee in hand.)

But imagine my surprise when, during my search, I stumbled upon this gem:

Image Source: Target

And as soon as I clicked through, magic happened: I was suddenly feasting my eyes upon an entire line of tees celebrating moms.

And there weren’t just tees for moms; there were tees for kids …

Image Source: Target

And spouses …

Image Source: Target

And some adorable onesies for babies …

Image Source: Target

There were even matching mommy-and-me ensembles, too!

Image Source: Target

And each one sported a different empowering message that in one way or another, honored the badassery of moms everywhere.

Was I hearing the Hallelujah chorus? Possibly. Or it could have just been my got-the-kids-to-bed-early wine talking.

But either way, I am yet again proud that Target has come out in support of not only moms, but also in the movement to smash gender stereotypes once and for all.

Here are just a few reasons why I will probably be buying up every last tee in the collection (and wouldn’t be surprised if others flock en masse to do the same) …

1. Because moms deserve recognition.

Moms give and give and give, day in and day out, with little glory. In fact, our hard work is usually met with complaints from our kids, demands for more snacks, and our own personal exhaustion. But dammit, we’re dependable, loyal, and relentless! For once, someone brilliant decided that mom should get some sort of applause, and displayed positive mommy messages across apparel for the whole family.

2. Because the tees are affordable.

The onesies and tees in the Mother’s Day grouping range from just $4.50 up to $12.99. And when you have a big family like mine, you’re not going to buy your children shirts that cost more than your venti latte. It’s called a budget and priorities. And the Cat & Jack brand tees? They come with a one-year guarantee or your money back. (How awesome is that?)

2. Because they’re comfy AF.

Soft blended cotton and a tagless design make all of us breathe a sigh of relief. No one wants to wear a tee that requires scratching at their neck or side all day long. My kids need comfortable, light-weight clothing to wear on the playground and to school. As for me? If it feels like pajamas, I’m wearing it!

3. Because gender stereotypes suck.

Come on, how many kids’ tees out there imply that girls only enjoy pink, glitter, and unicorns? And boys’ tees are usually red or navy blue with themes revolving around sports, pirates, and video games. Our children, just like us, are individuals and should be offered different options when it comes to both colors and themes. I love these color-neutral tees and their pro-mom messages, which speak to a mother’s strength (“Strong Like Mom”), heroism (“Mom is My Super Hero”), and leadership (“Boss Lady”).

4. Because being a family means being a team.

People buy matching PJs at Christmas and coordinate themed Halloween costumes, so why not band together and celebrate the mom (or moms) in your family? After all, we only get one day out of every 365, and frankly, I’ll be way happier with cozy tees for the fam instead of an overpriced, floral greeting card, or a lukewarm breakfast in bed. It’s called practicality, sprinkled with pride.

However, I will issue this warning to my husband (and all the partners out there): After we get our family photo in, where we’re all sporting our awesome new shirts, I still expect to be gifted my annual Mother’s Day nap. (And maybe a Target gift card.)

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