Target Knocks It Out of the Park with New Sensory-Friendly Clothes for Kids

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Target more, they once again prove their ability to meet our mommy needs.

On August 13th, Target corporate announced that they are adding new products to their Cat & Jack children’s fall clothing line. And these are more than the clever and empowering graphic tees they’ve been known for in the past.

Available exclusively on, customers will find “sensory-friendly” clothing in three styles for girls (long-sleeve tee, short-sleeve tee, and leggings) and two styles for boys (long-sleeve and short-sleeve tee). The limited selection includes sizes XS-XL (Big Kids) and 2T-5T (Toddler Girl & Boy).

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What makes the clothing sensory-friendly? According to Target’s The Bullseye View, “… the pieces include heat-transferred labels in place of tags, flat seams, and one-dimensional graphic tees, all designed to minimize discomfort when in contact with the skin. The pieces are based on existing Cat & Jack styles, combining both fashion with function … all at affordable prices.”

What inspired the new clothing items? “It all started when Stacey [Monson], a design director for AVA & VIV, Target’s own plus size line, and her teammates saw an opportunity to design pieces that are more accommodating for all guests — including their own kids.”

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Monson, who has a 7-year-old daughter with autism shared, “She’s not potty trained, which means finding clothes that fit is a challenge. For pants or shorts, I either size way up, or buy pieces that are all function, no style. I’ve met lots of other parents who face similar challenges, including many of our guests and team members. After talking with some of my internal design colleagues I thought, why not create pieces that address some of these problems?”

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Cat & Jack has already proven to be an incredibly successful line. At only 1 year old, it quickly became a $2 billion brand. As a mom who shops almost exclusively at Target, I can see why. All Cat & Jack clothing items come with a 1-year guarantee, with items generally priced between $4-$7. The brand offers a variety of options, including shoes, tops, pants, sock, underwear, and more ranging from newborn size to big boys and girls XL. And the new sensory-friendly pieces? They’re also within the affordable price range.

And that’s not all. According to Julie Guggemos, senior vice president of Product Design & Development, “… this fall, we’ll add adaptive pieces to help address the needs of children living with disabilities. This could include styles with zip-off sleeves and side openings that make dressing easier, and pieces that open in the back for those lying down or sitting.”

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As a mom of two children with sensory sensitivities, I’m beyond thrilled with this announcement. One of my children loathes jeans and prominent seams. Her go-to uniform? Cat & Jack leggings and t-shirts.

Another one of my kids has sensory processing disorder and is a sensory-seeker who is highly active. Any restrictive clothing is not only uncomfortable for him, but can cause major mood shifts. Like any mom, my goal is to keep the peace in getting us out the door on time and in good moods so we can go about our day. And this starts with two things: a healthy breakfast and comfortable clothing.

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Target proves time and time again that listening to customers is a win-win. Thanks again, Target, for providing parents with fashionable, affordable, functional, quality clothing that is able to hold up to whatever life adventures are thrown our children’s way.

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