Mom Shares “Milksicle” Hack to Ease Baby’s Teething Pain, Wins Internet

It’s a universal parenting truth that plagues us all: Much as we wish it were true, babies do not come with personalized instructions, emerging from the womb with a guidebook their parents can refer back to for life. One that will automatically apply to their kid, in every situation that comes their way, no matter what.

As new parents especially, we have no clue what will work or won’t work with our babies — how they’ll handle teething pain or sleeping through the night, or whether they’ll take to breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. We figure it all out as we go, and if we come up with a genius parenting hack along the way, we do our best to share it with others.

At least, that’s what one Columbus, Ohio mom recently did, when she stumbled upon a breastfeeding hack that was so brilliant, it’s since gone viral.

It all started on June 2, when Tasia Blackwell shared a video of her son “devouring his milksicle” — a popsicle made of breast milk. As she explained in her caption, it both “helps with his teething pain and helps fill up his tummy,” and he loves it.

Um, major kudos to this mom. I had three kids myself — all of whom I breastfed for a year, and suffered from teething pain. This idea never occurred to me, and I’m kicking myself as I look back on the long nights (and days) of trying EVERY TEETHER UNDER THE SUN, when all along, the answer was apparently … milksicles! What a smart way to tackle two problems at once — hungry bellies and sore gums.

Blackwell also shared two other images in her viral post — one of her holding the milk pop and another of two milksicles in breast milk storage bags in her freezer. (Also, her multiple Dominos flyers stuck to her fridge means she’s a mom I definitely want to hang out with. Just sayin’.) By sharing her genius parenting hack, she’s likely changing the lives of so many breastfeeding moms with cranky babies right now.

There’s are few things better than learning a truly genius parenting hack to make life with kids a little bit easier. Because let’s fact it, we’re all just exhausted zombies fighting off tantrums and praying our kids don’t pee their pants at the park. Just last month, the Internet was in awe over a viral post by Elizabeth Burchiel (AKA The Painted Dragon), in which she shared how she uses one plastic wipes container to house all her wipes, diapers, AND a change of clothes for a quick on-the-go solution. And a few weeks ago, Shauna Harvey of The Idealist Mom shared a now-viral rubber band trick that promotes positive parenting that parents are loving.

I can’t profess to have a ton of viral-worthy hacks in my parenting arsenal, but one of my own favorite tricks is to “hide” healthy foods inside meatballs or muffins. Until my kids will willingly eat spinach, I’m going to chop it up into bits and hide it in stuff. Because it’s good for their little growing bodies. (Hey, someday they’ll thank me.)

Parenting a baby, especially when those tiny teeth are popping through, is one of the greatest challenges a mom can face. So big thanks to Tasia Blackwell for creating a clever way to help babies feel better and get them fed at the same time. Parenting hacks FTW!

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