Watch the Emotional Moment When a Teacher Offers Her Own Kidney to Save Student’s Life

When Chris Burelton walked the halls of her granddaughter’s elementary school recently, she had no idea she was about to be presented with the best gift she would ever receive.

Burelton’s granddaughter is Natasha Fuller, an 8-year-old first grader at Oakfield Elementary School in Wisconsin. And while you certainly cannot tell from a photograph, Natasha is very sick. So sick that she is in desperate need of a kidney.

And that’s where her teacher, Jodi Schmidt, has stepped in to do the unthinkable: donate her own kidney to save Natasha’s life.

In the video above, you can watch as Burelton is presented with a pink box — a gift, which Principal Becky Doyle claims is for all Burelton has done to care for her granddaughter. But when she opens it, she reads a note explaining Schmidt’s offer — and her reaction is just as emotional as you would expect.

“You? Oh my gosh!” Burelton says, bursting into tears. “Here I thought she was coming to school because she was naughty!”

Walking angel Schmidt explained her decision saying, “I figured I’m O-negative blood and it did just come to me. I think we’re all brought to a certain place and time for a reason.”

While little Natasha didn’t fully understand the magnitude of the gift, we think it’s lovely that she will have this moment to look back on in the future — when the weight of her teacher’s sacrifice truly dawns on her.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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