Teen’s Selfless Act Inspires Others to Donate Their Prom Dresses to Girls in Need

Prom is insanely expensive. Understatement of the season, right?

I could gripe and complain about how the costs of attending a prom have skyrocketed since I was in high school, but I’d probably sound like an old curmudgeon. But honestly — limos and luxe after-parties are standard issue these days. And, don’t even start me on promposals.

Basically, prom is expensive and, in most households, it’s the parents who suck up the expense. I’m a prom mom veteran, having gotten my daughter through a slew of proms and homecomings. I have continued to follow along with the prom trends, hoping things get a little less over-the-top by the time my boys reach this teen milestone.

But for all my complaining, I can afford to send my kids to prom.

Yes, I realize that makes me sound terribly privileged and entitled — but the truth is, I am privileged. I try very hard not to be entitled, but as much as I might wince at the cost of a prom dress, my kids won’t miss prom because their dad and I can’t afford to outfit them.

Not everyone can say the same thing. I’m embarrassed to admit it never occurred to me, but there are teens out there who miss prom because they can’t afford to go.

Fortunately, teens today are a lot more “woke” than I am.

Take 19-year-old Mika Riddicks from Maryland, for instance. She posted a tweet offering up her 2016 prom dress to a girl in need. Her only stipulation was that the girl be local to her, which seems pretty fair. She also offered up matching shoes and a makeup artist.

Things really spiraled from there.

A girl across the country reached out to Mika via Instagram offering her own prom dress with the caption “copying her because her selflessness is inspiring,” while others all over the U.S. also offered up their gowns via Twitter.

From New York to Chicago, dresses are being shared all over Twitter. Some girls even posted multiple dresses.

I can’t help but feel emotional over this kind gesture. No one wanted anything in return outside of helping another girl fully enjoy her special night.

I don’t have my prom dresses anymore — and if I did, they’re so far out of fashion that I doubt anyone would want them — but I am with these girls in spirit and with them on Twitter.

And you should be, too.

Join them to help amplify their messages of kindness and community. Let’s help these beautiful dresses reach girls who need them and help keep these positive vibes going across the web!

While I’m not sure what career goals Riddicks has set for herself, I know we can expect great things from this young woman, who can now add “Fairy Godmother” to her resume.

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