The 10 Best Parenting Hacks from Around the Internet

Parenting is hard. Thankfully, a number of very creative parents have come up with some ingenious ways to make the job a whole lot easier. Want to make your life easier, too? Check out the 10 best parenting hacks from around the internet!

Helping kids put their shoes on the right feet 1 of 10
Does your toddler have trouble putting her shoes on the right feet? Simply cut a sticker in half and put it on the bottom of her shoes. Now all she has to do is match up the sticker! This cool hack comes via Dose of Happy.
Homemade Baby Monitor 2 of 10
Want a low-cost alternative to the increasingly expensive baby monitors on the market? Try making one at home with your old cell phone! The Underwear Drawer explains how.
Juice box handles 3 of 10
This popular internet hack stops your kids from squirting juice everywhere by teaching them to lift their juice boxes with the side flaps!
Fridge Magnet Cups 4 of 10
Tired of having to get cup after cup down from the cupboard for your kids? With these fridge magnet cups your kids will be able to get their own cup whenever they want it. Made has the details on this cool hack!
Cleaning kids' shoes 5 of 10
Brady Lou Project Guru explains how you can prolong the life of your kids' shoes by washing them in the dishwasher!
Using trays to make play stations 6 of 10
Every parent knows the “joy” of finding Play-Doh and Legos all over the house. Help contain all the little things by setting your child up with a workstation made with a sunken tray. It's portable, and the edges of the tray contain all the little pieces! Hack via Venusian Glow.
Tissue trash trick 7 of 10
Tired of finding used, wadded up tissues all over the house? This simple trick from MeckMom shows you how to make a mobile trash bin for those icky tissues!
No Spill Paint-Cups 8 of 10
Have some empty Starbucks cups around? Muffin Tin Mom explains how you can turn them into awesome no spill paint-cups!
Getting kids to take medicine 9 of 10
Gross-tasting medicine is the bane of every kids' (and parents') existence. Help the medicine go down by mixing it with a strong flavor, like chocolate or Kool-Aid powder, to help mask the taste. Tip via Children's Physician Network.
The magic of sprinkles 10 of 10
Have a picky kid who refuses to try new foods? Put some sprinkles on it! Seriously, drop some jimmies on top of that food - it won't change the taste, and your kid will definitely take at LEAST one bite.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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