The 12 Days of Christmas According to New Parents

Well, parents, it’s that time of year of again, but this Christmas is better than the last because you’ve been given the most wonderful gift of all this year — a precious new baby! And what a joy your baby is!

I know you can’t wait to introduce your sweet angel to all the wonders of the Christmas season — from that first visit to Santa to the special “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament under the tree. And let us not forget the perfect family Christmas card showcasing the new star of your family!

This Christmas, you’ll give your new baby adorable Christmas jammies, a special holiday outfit, maybe a few toys and a couple of books, but did you know your baby is creating gifts of her own just for you? She is.

Take a look the the 12 days of Christmas your baby has in store!

On the first day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

Image Source: Babble

Oh, Baby! I changed you 14 times before you went down. We took a nice warm bath, I read you that story about the Little Nutbrown Hare, I stroked your sweet head, and rocked you back and forth until you drifted off to dreamland. How on earth did you manage to soak through a leak-resistant overnight diaper and mattress pad within the span of 45 minutes?!

On the second day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

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Dear Baby, Mama loves her voluptuous new bust … that is, until they spring into action at all the wrong times.

On the third day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

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Baby, I warm your bottle and you warm my heart … but never my meals.

On the fourth day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

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Good morning, Baby! It’s a good thing you shine so bright because the sun isn’t scheduled to appear for at least two more hours.

On the fifth day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

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And oh, how glorious those 300 seconds were.

On the sixth day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

Image Source: Babble

No worries, Baby. I’ll call them back in about four more years.

On the seventh day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

Image Source: Babble

Oh, ye of little body and big messes. May the sweet constant hum of the washing machine bring you great comfort and lasting freshness.

On the eighth day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

Image Source: Babble

Look at my baby in a Santa hat! Baby’s first trip to Santa! Look! A reindeer onesie! Baby loves her candy cane! This gift is bigger than baby! Baby by her personalized stocking! Baby in front of the tree! Baby with grandma and grandpa! Baby loves grabbing ornaments!

On the ninth day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

Image Source: Babble

Thank you! Oh, thank you! Yes, it’s so exciting. Eight months old. NOW STOP TOUCHING AND BREATHING ON MY BABY! IT’S COLD AND FLU SEASON!

On the tenth day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

Image Source: Babble

Because nom nom nom nom!

On the eleventh day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

Image Source: Babble

You’ll swear the angels lent their voices to the hearty giggle of your sweet angel, because just listen!

On the twelfth day of Christmas my baby gave to me …

Image Source: Babble

Well, parents, at least we know she’s eating and drinking enough.

All together now!

On the twelfth day of Christmas my baby gave to me:

Twelve stinky diapers,

Eleven precious giggles,

Ten nummy fingers,

Nine strangers cooing,

Eight Facebook updates,

Seven loads of laundry,

Six missed phone calls,

Five peaceful minutes,

Four a.m. wakeup,

Three ice-cold meals,

Two leaky boobies,

and a crib mattress soaked with pee.

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