The 20 Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 Are Here!

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As you know, we’re basically baby name fanatics over here, so you can imagine how excited we were when the Social Security Administration posted their official list of the top 10 baby names of 2014 for girls and boys. We were thrilled to see some of our favorite monikers on the list (hey Charlotte — we see you at number 10!), but couldn’t help but wonder exactly why these names became so popular. Here are some of our theories …

Top 10 Boys’ Names of 2014:

1. Noah

There’s no doubt Ryan Gosling and his breakout role as Noah in The Notebook had something to do with this.

2. Liam

We’re thinking expectant mothers were taken with the gorgeous Australian, Liam Hemsworth …

3. Mason

Were new parents inspired by Kourtney Kardashian’s name choice for her firstborn?

4. Jacob

Is Twilight still a thing? Because it seems like a lot of new parents are choosing Team Jacob.

5. William

We predict The Duke of Cambridge had something to do with this.

6. Ethan

Is Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible character Ethan Hunt still inspiring parents?

7. Michael

Honestly, we’re surprised this common name is still trending!

8. Alexander

Did the release of the film Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day play a role in this?

9. James

We can’t help but wonder if this will hit the girls’ list this year thanks to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

10. Daniel

Was our favorite wizard Daniel Radcliffe responsible for this?

Top 10 Girls’ Names of 2014:

1. Emma

Emma Watson has proven herself to be a strong, smart young lady, and we bet expecting mothers took note.

2. Olivia

Were soon-to-be parents watching Scandal and obsessing over Miss Pope? Did they get inspiration while their toddlers obsessed over the TV show Olivia? We can only assume it’s one of the two.

3. Sophia

Who doesn’t love Sofia Vergara?! No, it isn’t the same spelling, but we wouldn’t put it past the feisty actress to have made an impression on parents.

4. Isabella

Again — is Twilight still a thing?

5. Ava

Both Reese Witherspoon and Heather Locklear have named their daughters Ava — if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

6. Mia

Our first thought was whether expecting parents had been watching The Princess Diaries a lot last year.

7. Emily

From actresses Emily Blunt and Emily Deschanel to famed authors Emily Bronte and Emily Dickinson, parents had plenty of reasons to name their little girl after these successful women.

8. Abigail

Did Mad Men have something to do with this?

9. Madison

We first remember hearing this name in the movie Splash. Perhaps expecting parents binge-watched it a lot last year?

10. Charlotte

We can’t help but wonder if William and Kate had a sneak peek at this list …

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