The Bond Between These Adorable Triplets and Their Garbage Men Is So Freaking Cute

Remember back in the day when you used to get really excited about the simplest things? Finding a lucky penny, an upcoming field trip, a puppy … (OK, we still get excited about puppies.)

But as adults, we don’t often get that overwhelming sense of joy by the same things we did when we were younger. Especially about, say, a garbage man.

But that is just the case for the three adorable little kids in this video posted to Facebook last Thursday, which has garnered over 14 million views. With the excitement shown on the faces of these triplets, you’d think Mickey Mouse was coming down the street, but nope — it’s the garbage men that stop at the house every Tuesday and Friday.

The 2-year-old triplets can be seen eagerly awaiting their neon-vest-wearing visitors, yelling out, “Here they come!” as the big garbage truck pulls onto their street. Gatorades in hand, the two identical twin boys, Heaton and Wilder, run up to the truck offering the drinks, joined by their sister, Holden, prepared with hugs and a helping hand to the garbage men, Mr. Rob and Mr. Chad.

In an equally adorable fashion, the men sweetly greet the toddlers and let them help load the trash bags into the truck, much to the appreciation of the triplet’s mom, Martha Sugalski.

“[I’m] grateful the babies were able to see their friends that they clearly love so much,” Sugalski wrote on her Facebook page. “Grateful that these men take time out of their busy schedule to hang with us for a bit.”

Boy, I’ll tell ya, it really is all about appreciating the little things. If only every day could be as fun as garbage day.

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