The Hilarious Parody Twitter Account Every Parent Needs to Follow

LosFelizDayCareOn Friday, @LosFelizDayCare tweeted: “During morning Pilates, Fivel felt that his tights were too emotionally and physically restrictive so he sat down and wrote a feelings poem.” They also announced that the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea was continuing his tradition of taking the students “Goof-or-Giving – bringing them door to door to hand out silly/healthy snacks.”

The day before, the LFDC administration shared a stringent reminder to parents: “For the last time: Almond milk is labeled “A.” Rice milk is labeled “R.” Soy milk is labeled “S.” Animal milk will get your child expelled.” Earlier in the month, they warned the “group of moms calling themselves ‘the yoga pants mafia’” to “stop trying to intimidate LFDC parents into switching volunteer committees!”

If this sounds too ridiculous to be true, that’s because it is! Los Feliz Day Care doesn’t exist in real life. It’s a parody Twitter feed that mocks the super-health-conscious, ultra-politically-correct, trend-following, helicoptering parents that live in affluent neighborhoods like Los Feliz, Los Angeles, an area right next door to Hollywood.

Educators at Los Feliz Day Care prefer to be called “emotional/spiritual/ethical guides.” Students have hip-sounding names like Danish, Sorkin, and Intelligencia. One mother “wrote” a book titled Life Sucks: Why Pacifiers Will Make Your Baby a Drug Addict and/or Sexual Deviant. This is all made up, of course, but the details are so spot-on that not everyone realizes it’s a satire. The Twitter feed’s author and creator, comedy writer Jason Shapiro, told Slate that a state regulator from Indiana reached out to him to learn more about the school’s guidelines.

The phony LFDC feed has drawn over 34k followers not just because it’s hilarious, but because it pokes fun of a very real trend in parenting, something we’ve all seen: The parents who worry about everything. No detail is too small to obsess over! Out of fear that they might fail to properly nurture their children, these parents adopt extreme stances on certain issues — vaccinations for instance.

Slate reports that the actual Los Feliz Charter School for the arts has a distressingly high number of unvaccinated kindergartners (21%) because of “belief exemptions.” The fake Los Feliz Day Care says at the top of its Twitter bio, “We do not accept immunized children.” Shapiro told Time that anti-vaxxers are not only ridiculous, but dangerous to other kids. So his jokes aren’t all for laughs: there’s a bit of an edge to them.

Besides quips about food allergies and being insanely sensitive to children’s feelings (“Big Marvel announcements are overwhelming to children, not to mention they promote reckless heroism. So silence on that front.”) Shapiro also makes fun of parents who treat their kids as extensions of themselves, dressing them in hip clothes, exposing them to cool grown-up music, and treating toddlers like teenagers.

(“Emergency meeting: it’s come to our attention that Tellulah has a credit card and the toddlers have been sharing it for in-app purchases.”)

Shapiro started the LFDC account as a way of mocking his co-workers (he is a script coordinator for the ABC show Cristela.) He draws inspiration from his girlfriend, who is pursuing a PhD in education, and from what he overhears walking around Los Feliz. Perhaps because he’s not a parent himself, he’s able to see the ridiculousness of hyper-parenting and satirize it without a stitch of worry that people might turn the humor around on him. Though, as he told Time.com, the parody comes “from a place of understanding,” as he imagines he might one day have kids and dress them in hip clothes, like little Beastie Boys T-shirts.

Which is probably why it works. It’s insightful without being mean, and it speaks so perfectly to contemporary parents that you can almost see little Pippin and Pixel with their toddler body issues and binkey hunger strikes gathering for circle time in the pastel colored “Ohm Sweet Ohm” room at the Los Feliz Day Care.

Images courtesy of Twitter via @LosFelizDayCare

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