Moms’ Hilarious Video Gets at the Heart of Why We All Secretly Love Our Minivans

Five years ago, when I became the proud new owner of a used Honda Odyssey, I was thoroughly amused by the polarity and intensity of the reactions that our purchase sparked. Some people shook their heads sadly at our new mode of transportation. Even the Honda salesman who sold me the car wasn’t shy about telling me his wife flat-out refused to drive a minivan.

Others — usually those who already owned a minivan and were aware of its magical powers — literally cheered with delight and sang its praises.

And now, a new viral video created by four moms — Lauren, Jenilee, Chelsea and Deidra — is singing the minivan’s praises louder than ever. (The best part? It’s set to the tune of Montell Jordan’s epic single “This Is How We Do It.”)

But that’s no surprise to me: I’ve long been saying that the minivan is one of the top things parents secretly love, but don’t want to admit.

Let’s just consider for a moment their many perks, shall we? There’s an endless amount of compartments and cup holders, and state-of-the-art sliding doors that open and close gently with the push of a button. There’s all that spacious room to hold baseball bats, soccer cleats, and last week’s forgotten homework assignment. And if you turn the music up really loud, you can almost pretend that you don’t hear your kids fighting in the backseat.

Yep, minivans these days have seriously stepped up their game.

“After shooting in those vans all day, I can tell you they are NOT like the minivans we grew up in,” Deidra said. “Built-in vacuum cleaners, seats that fold and move and stow, DVD screens way bigger than your laptop, and THE PLETHORA OF CUPHOLDERS!”

Lauren, Jenilee, Chelsea and Deidra have been friends for three years and started making what they call “MOMcom” videos together about a year ago, under the YouTube handle The Texting Yoga Pants. And if that name sounds familiar, chances are you remember their video “I Want to Go to Chik-fil-A,” which went viral last summer.

“We really just want to give moms (and dads!) a little break,” Deidra tells Babble of the inspiration behind each of their videos. “We want them to laugh for a minute and maybe enjoy this journey a little more because it really is fun and hilarious!”

Yep, looks like ladies have found their niche, since they’re funny AF when it comes to all things parenting (and can sure sell the crap out of a minivan, if you ask me). Sure, the minivan might be black hole of filth and clutter, where one can find 57 baseball cards, a dozen broken Happy Meal toys, and several half-eaten Snickers bars hidden under the seats. It might even be the place where our independence, freedom, and twenty-something whimsy goes to die. And yes, perhaps it is — and always will be — viewed as the opposite of “cool” to non-parents; nothing more than a clichéd symbol of suburban parental apathy.

But hey, isn’t coolness evidenced by confidence, feeling comfortable in your skin, and not giving a crap about what other people think anyway? And if that’s the case, the minivan may very well be the epitome of cool. (See what I did there?)

Besides, once you’ve cut the skin off a bushel of grapes for your picky toddler, referred to yourself in the third person, and wiped a child’s snotty nose with your sleeve, all semblance of “cool” goes out the (child-lock) window anyway.

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