These Kids Prove Selfies Can Be More Than Just a Duckface

Let’s be honest: There’s something inherently obnoxious about selfies. From duckface pics to swimsuit shots, so many seem dedicated to glorifying the photo-taker’s appearance, as if to say, “I look so fabulous at this very minute that it would be a crime not to show the world. ” #Narcissist, anyone?

So I was excited to learn about a contest encouraging young people to take selfies with calculators. The contest, run by Texas Instruments, requires contestants to take selfies with TI devices for the chance to win prizes like more calculators and a video conference call with actress Mayim Bialik.

What I love about this initiative is that it takes the focus off of appearance and onto something far more constructive — doing math. Of course, TI’s contest is obviously a way to promote its products, but it gave me a different idea: What about encouraging selfies that show young people doing a range of constructive activities, like reading, volunteering, practicing a sport or instrument, etc.?

Call them “smart selfies,” if you will.

I reached out to whoever I could and asked if they would provide me with smart selfies featuring kids and teens. The results are below. Got your own smart selfie? Tweet it out with the hashtag #smartselfie and join me in adding more substance to the selfie world!

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