Things Parents Do When Their Kids Aren’t Looking

Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

It’s our job as parents to set a good example for our kids, which — if we’re being honest here — can be pretty exhausting. Thankfully, our kids aren’t always watching. And when they’re not, that’s our chance to live a little. If you’re guilty of doing any of the following, I won’t tell anyone.

1. Hit up the Halloween candy as soon as the kids go to sleep.

Honestly, we’re doing them a favor.

2. Sneak bites of food off of their plates.

If they made an adult-sized chicken fingers plate, it wouldn’t have to come to this.

3. Hide the annoying toys we hate.

This is for the good of the entire household.

4. Play with their kids toys.

I have the high score on my daughter’s favorite video game. She still isn’t on to me.

5. Throw out their artwork.

Scan the good stuff, throw away the rest, or risk being overcome by stacks and stacks of doodles.

6. Watch TV in bed.

This is the only way I can watch non-cartoons.

7. Fast forward through toy commercials.

If we have to hear, “I WANT THAT!” One. More. Time …

8. Rewind the show your kid is watching to buy another five minutes of peace.

Bless you, Netflix.

9. Put back the sugary snack their kid just dumped in the cart on the shelf.

Nice try, kid.

10. Drop birthday gifts into the cart without kids noticing.

Time is precious and we never get to shop without the kids, anyway!

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