Things Parents Have Forgotten This Week

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Everyone talks about pregnancy brain but what they don’t talk about? Mom brain.

Last week I picked my oldest daughter up from school and headed to the grocery store. I usually try to avoid going to the grocery store with all three kids because it’s not easy, but I had no other choice that day.

So we went to the store, packed the cart with necessities, (plus extras that the kids threw in) and headed for the check-out counter. As the cashier rang us up, I reached into my bag for my wallet — only to discover that it wasn’t there.

Yep, I spent over an hour lugging all three kids into the grocery store, dealing with the craziness of actually having said three kids while grocery shopping, and ended up walking out empty handed. I was completely embarrassed and had to drive all of the way home and back to pay for the groceries.

I wish I could tell you that that was it for the week, but my brain failed me yet again when I walked out of the house to take my daughters to school a couple days later. As I got into the car, I realized that I’d walked out without any shoes on. Thankfully I hadn’t left the driveway yet, so I still had time to run in and fix my mistake.

So you see, mom brain is very real. I am constantly forgetting to do things throughout the day or will do something and completely forgot that I’ve done it. I love my kids, but they are officially making me lose my mind!

And I’m not the only one. I asked some other moms to let me know what they’ve forgotten lately due to mom brain, and they make me feel better knowing I’m not the only one that’s losing her marbles (and her wallet).


“I left the house and forgot to put shoes on my 2.5-year-old.” — Jennifer D.

“I struggled for three minutes to take the lid off my coffee mug … the lid wasn’t on it.” — Daykara F.

“I thought that I had forgotten to pack diapers on a trip to the in-law’s house out of town. So I went down to the Costco to buy a case because I figured why not. When I got out to the car to put them in the trunk they wouldn’t fit because of the case of diapers that was already in the trunk from the shopping trip 2 days before.”  — Arrakis R.

I’ve gotten in the shower with a bra and underwear on more than once since having my son.”  — Alison J.

“In my attempt to get my 4-year-old to pre-K on time with a 2-month-old in tow I got everything ready the night before! Sounds great! Got up the next morning, got both boys dressed, baby buckled up in the stroller, even had 15 minutes to spare! Got downstairs when I realized I left my 4-year-old upstairs! Ran back up to find him watching Dora laying on the couch!!!”  — Nadine M.

“I took a roast out of the oven and realized I didn’t put on any oven mitts. Or the time I went outside to shake rugs in just a pajama shirt …” — Stephanie L.

This morning I got out of the shower and forgot to rinse the conditioner out … didn’t realize it until I was drying off and already had underpants and bra on!” — Amanda L.

“I loaded the kids up and it wasn’t until we got to the store that I realized my little guy was sitting there without pants and shoes!!! By the time we got back home I had forgotten what we needed at the store anyway! Yikes!” — Katie B.

“I made banana walnut muffins and left out the banana. The result was gross.” — Elizabeth G.

“Being a Department of Defense family, I was picking my child up on base and handed the guard my Costco card to get in.” — Rosemary H.

I went to the doctor to get blood work. I drove around the hospital and headed home and forgot to stop and actually get the blood work done. Had to drive back to the hospital. Thank god I was only 10 minutes away instead of home already which is 25 mins away.” — Tasha V.

“My HUSBAND put shredded cheddar cheese in the spice cupboard instead of the fridge. It was all dried out and gross by the time we found it! Blame it on sleepless newborn phases!” — Esther J.

“This is super embarrassing but I actually forgot to wear a bra. We woke up late and my 4-year-old had an 8 AM doctors appointment, so I was in such a rush that I forgot to put on a bra. And you know how doctors offices get with their air conditioning on high … I tried to block my chest with my 14-month-old son, but babies never sit still. It was a disaster.” — Megan K.

“One day I left the car door open after getting my daughter out when we went in the YMCA. When we came out an hour later it was still open! Thankfully my car started.” — Teresa M.

“Dropped off my 2-year-old with my parents a few days before her third birthday party. I painstakingly packed a bag with everything she would need, including her party outfit. They live almost 2 hours away so we met halfway. I somehow got all four of my kids out the door but completely forgot her bag. I had to find a kid’s clothing store and buy her all new stuff.” — Tiffany S.

“I nearly left the house the other day with my shirt on backwards and inside out … I had been wearing it like that for hours, ha. Saw the tag in the window reflection …” — Christine B.

“I drove 15 miles in the wrong direction yesterday before realizing.” — Sarah W.

“We were at my brother’s house for dinner, and while we were in the kitchen I was asking everyone “where’s the baby?” Turns out I was holding her … So used to doing stuff while holding the baby on my hip I didn’t notice haha” — Martina G.

“I started the oven and forgot to put the food in until half an hour later!” — Rachel T.

“I showed up for a hair appointment 2 weeks ago only to find out I made it for May 19 … 2016!” — Marissa W.

“I put oven mitts on to wash the dishes (I usually wear rubber gloves).” — Sarah D.

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