9 Things Single Moms Want You to Know

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Being a single mom is a sacred thing; we take our role seriously and never back down. But single moms have secrets — secrets I’m willing to share. Here are a few things you may not know about us single ladies.

1. We don’t miss our ex.

Whether we were married, together, or had 10 minutes of fun — if we’re not a couple, we really don’t care. Rest assured they are just half of the people that created the most important person in the world — our child. So new wives and girlfriends — he’s all yours!

2. We don’t get our nails done with child support.

This is the worst cliche. We are hardworking women, so you better believe the ombré dye job, fresh mani, and the bag on our shoulder was bought with our hard-earned money. Child support is used and saved for our child.

3. Online dating sucks.

We’d rather be set up by a good friend with someone they deem normal, educated, and cool with kids. Most online dates equate to free food and a crappy story to tell our coworkers the next day. We swipe left a lot because why do men think it’s okay to take selfies in public bathrooms?

4. We love to be alone.

Whether dad is in the picture or not — we cherish alone time. Why? Single moms are on 24/7, so we live for Netflix nights, sleep-in Sundays, and any other activity that involves not communicating with a human.

5. We talk nicely to our child about their dad.

My child knows his father is a badass runner and handsome — just two of the many traits he passed down to our son. Single moms don’t badmouth dad because dad is half of our child’s DNA, and so — absent or involved — he helped make a cool kid. We want our child to know all the good things about him.

6. We’ve already found our happily ever after …

But there’s room for more. We’re not wishing for men to rescue us. If you ask me? My son, golden retriever, career, family, and friends are enough. I’m not ruling out another love, but I’ve already met my first great love: my son.

7. We get sad.

But a quick Google search of Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, or Ryan Gosling cheers us right up. Sometimes we need to look at blue eyes and dimples and abs to make everything okay again. And if all else fails, we Google puppies.

8. Single mom movies and TV shows are such BS.

But we love the escape of the weed-peddling single mom, the neurotic CIA agent, and the witty single mom who lives in a quaint town and drinks too much coffee.

9. We want help.

So yes, we’ll take you up on your offer to babysit. We’ll gladly bring our kid over for a playdate. We so appreciate it and yes, yes, yes, we’ll pay it back and forward.

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