This 4-Year-Old’s Response to a Boy Calling Her Ugly Is Everything


Maybe some 4-year-olds aren’t terribly bright or just not so quick on the uptake … which would seem to be age-appropriate for those barely out of diapers who may or may not still credit Barney with hanging the moon.

That being said, Miss Cici isn’t just some 4-year-old. A boy who messed with her in school recently learned that the hard way.

He told her that she looked ugly. But instead of getting upset, she fired back at him in what might just be the best comeback of all time (it’s seriously amazing, you have the watch).

Not giving too much away, she didn’t respond by calling him ugly or bad. She didn’t make it personal. She didn’t lower herself to his level. She did, however, advise him to take a little time for some self-reflection, and she also knew it was OK to express that he inspired anger in her. The key to it all, perhaps, is that she knew when the most appropriate moment to walk away was. Always leave them wanting more. Quit while you’re ahead. Never let them see you sweat. Miss Cici understood all of that.

Of course, Miss Cici exudes charm out of every pore. She’s darling, yes, especially with her melt-you-into-a-puddle-of-mush adorable eyes and lyrical Caribbean accent. But more importantly, she’s astonishingly articulate — for a pre-kindergarten student, or really, for anyone. When was the last time you reacted with such poise during an unpleasant confrontation? Who ever has the best comeback at the precise moment they need it? No one! No one except Miss Cici, that is.

Still, while retelling the story, she can barely get the word “ugly” to come out — she pauses to swallow, lick her lips, and gulp before she utters it — mostly because you can tell she recognizes that it’s a vile way to refer to someone. Without knowing much more about the story, it’s still probably safe to say that not only does Miss Cici get a boatload of credit for keeping her wits about her, but so does her mom. A woman’s voice is heard on the video asking Miss Cici to explain what happened at school. Presumably she already knows the answer, and knows the punchline is that her little girl kicked some smart, eloquent ass. All parents should teach their children as well as Miss Cici’s mom taught her.

Revenge may be sweet, but higher intelligence is even more satisfying.

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