This Boy Who Stepped in Dog Poop Is Having a Worse Day Than You

Is your week off to a bad start? Your boss bugging you? The kids driving you insane? Your mother-in-law drop in unexpectedly, silently judging your unwashed hair and sink full of dishes? (Oh, just us?) Well, regardless of how your day/week/month is going … it can’t be much worse than this kid’s. I mean, there’s nothing like a little dog poop between the toes to really put your life in perspective.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves. The video above — a must-watch, 1-minute nugget of sheer brilliance — shows a boy in his backyard going absolutely nuts. Hands up, one foot awkwardly outstretched away from his body, he screams over and over, “I STEPPED IN POOP! I NEED A PAPER TOWEL!”

We don’t normally like watching toddlers melt down, but this one takes the cake.

It should be stated that the video has been met with mixed reviews (like everything on the Internet). But whether you’re of the “child abuse! get that kid a towel and stop filming him!” camp or the “a little poop never killed anyone, this is hilarious” camp, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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