This Mom Constantly Getting Interrupted by Her Kid Sums Up Life with Toddlers

You know that moment when you’re trying to have a civil conversation and your adorable, sweet child just simply WON’T shut up? Well this poor mama is living that moment seemingly all day, every day. While I must say I feel terrible about this, I cannot stop laughing about this brutally endless sequence of interruptions.

Mindy Bingham, of the blog This Is How We Bingham, shared the hysterical compilation of her almost 2-year-old’s outbursts with Love What Matters and the Internet cannot get enough — with over 148K views and 1.1K likes. Babble caught up with the family, who explains that little Hazyl “literally ONLY does this when the camera is on!”

So how did this incessant need to scream “yeah!” come about? Dad Branden Bingham notes:

“She started saying ‘yeah’ a couple of months ago out of nowhere! Originally it was kinda funny and cute, then it turned annoying, then somehow it became hilariously endearing and really her signature trademark.”

Kids really do say the darnedest things. All attempts to quiet Hazyl down are pretty much met with resistance. “Most efforts to stop her are futile as she will continue ‘YAYING’ over you, but she truly is a well-behaved princess,” Branden says. A stern talking to and a serious parenting glance does the trick, “but where’s the fun in that?”

I love how the Binghams embrace Hazyl’s wackiness, despite how annoying it may be. It probably doesn’t hurt that she’s cute as a button. Aside from her go-to “YEAH!” Hazyl currently “calls everything a puppy … like everything. Doesn’t even have to be an animal,” and frequently gets in “I love you battles” with her mom — shouting “NO I WUV WOO” as loud as she can.

Branden gushes, “She just keeps us smiling and laughing with her constant cuteness.” There’s truly nothing better than that.

Thanks for the laughs Hazyl — and hang in there Mindy!

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