This Is What a Good Mom Looks Like

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If you’ve been a mom for more than two seconds you’ve probably wondered if you’re doing it right and asked that age old question, “Am I a good mom?” Well, today I thought I’d make a little list of things that good moms do, so you can finally have your answer once and for all.

Good moms breastfeed their babies … for 3 years … for 3 months … for 3 days. They supplement with bottles of donated breast milk or formula. They strictly pump or they only bottle-feed. Good moms make their kids grass-fed, organic meals. Good moms order Chinese takeout and give their kids bunny crackers in the car. Good moms feed their kids.

Good moms have immaculately clean homes with sparkling clean kitchen counters and wood floors you could eat off of. They have finger-printed refrigerator doors and crumbs under their tables. Good moms wash their windows weekly. Good moms can’t remember the last time they washed their windows. Good moms make their homes a happy place for their children to be.

Good moms have kids who are impeccably dressed in the latest fashions. Good moms have kids who wear crazy princess dresses and superhero pajamas in public. They do their hair and makeup on the daily and put on “real” clothes. Good moms wait in the school carpool line wearing PJs and hot mess hair within the safe confines of their minivan. Good moms do the best they can with what they have.

Good moms have kids who have massive tantrums in the grocery store checkout line and they have kids who sit quietly and patiently through super long Sunday mass services. Good moms have kids who are good and polite eaters and who can be taken to any restaurant and behave respectably. Good mom have kids who are super picky eaters and throw food in restaurants. Good moms all have good and bad days and struggles and challenges. 

Good moms do elimination communication or use cloth diapers or the cheapest non-organic disposables they can find. Good moms potty train their kids early … or late. Good moms bed share. Good moms boot their kids to their own crib immediately. They stay-at-home, work 9-5 in an office, or work from home. Good moms all work full-time.

Good moms send their kids to public school … or private school. They homeschool or “unschool.” Good moms do crafts and come up with creative activities to do with their children. They let their children figure out their own activities. There are good moms who don’t allow screen time in their homes. And there a good moms who let their kids watch “Frozen” multiple times a week so they can get a few work e-mails sent. Good moms love their kids. Good moms need breaks.

Good moms sing to their kids and say prayers at night. Good moms just hit the lights and dash — ready for that nightly glass of vino. Good moms read their kids 87 books a day. Good moms plop their kids in front of an iPad so they can get a few minutes of peace (and semi) quiet. Good moms yell at their kids sometimes. Good moms speak calmly and keep their cool when they’re frustrated. Good moms are not perfect. 

Good moms have good days and bad days. Some days they are smitten with their kids … other days (many days) they just can’t wait ’til bed time. Some days they go to bed feeling like they nailed this parenting thing and other nights they feel like total failures who are undoubtedly contributing to their children’s future therapy sessions. Good moms don’t have it all together. They don’t look like June Cleaver baking cookies for after-school snacks and making pot roasts on the daily. But if they do? That’s OK, too. Motherhood is beautiful and unique and filled with ups and downs and as long as you’re giving it your best effort, you’re doing just fine.


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