This Mom’s Diaper Blowout Photo Captures the Realness of New Parenthood

From the sleep deprivation that comes with feeding your newborn at all hours of the day (and night), to the insanity of trying to calm a colicky baby that seems dead set on bursting your eardrums (and everyone else’s on your block), being a new parent is not for the faint of heart. Nothing proves that more than having to deal with the grossness of the dreaded diaper blowout.

And mom blogger Esther Anderson can definitely relate.

In a photo shared on her “Story of This Life” Facebook page, Anderson perfectly captures the realness of new parenthood, proving that babies aren’t always sweet coos and warm cuddles; sometimes they’re smelly farts and gooey poop.

The hilarious photo, which has already garnered over 12k likes, was captioned: “Second blowout of the day, and let me tell you … this one wasn’t nearly as bad as this morning’s. Let’s just say Ellia might go back into her Pull-Ups for tonight.”

Talk about a rough day for Mom. We truly feel her pain — as did many other parents who commented on the photo sharing their most explosive, disgusting diaper blowout moments.

Commenter Lilly Fisk hilariously shared:

“Blowout on my first child, the most memorable, was her christening.

She was 2 weeks old. Barely weighed 5 lbs. She had a monitor strapped to her with a machine. The gown was one all of my cousins had worn and I. We did not know she was allergic to everything at the time, which made her unable to tolerate breastmilk.

So in the middle of Mass, her monitor sounds off just as she decided to blowout. My father was holding her. His tie got stuck on the little flaps and pulled the diaper down.

Yep. Still can not get the stains out.”

Two words: holy. sh*t.

Another mom Sharon Walker commented:

“I remember that happening one time when we were on our way to a picnic with the family. She had a blowout up to her neck! LOL. Had to put her in the tub and start all over. When we got there, the family was like, ‘Where have you been?’ LOL.”

Just another reason why we’re never on time for anything since having kids.

If these stories prove anything, it’s that when it comes to parenting: the struggle. is. real.

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