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Since its birth almost ten years ago, Babble has been on a mission to share the truth about parenting — the good, the bad, and the very, very sticky. We’ve laughed together through the insanity, cried through the losses, and held each other up when this gig was getting us down. No one said raising children would be an easy job, but we’re doing it, together, one day at a time.

But a lot has changed in a decade. So we wanted to take a moment to look at the state of parenting today. We asked over 1,000 parents about their experiences. What do they worry about? What do they celebrate? Here’s what we found:

With the explosion of social media, it’s easier than ever to find advice and community. It’s also easier than ever to judge and be judged. Even though most parents surveyed feel others pass judgment too easily, 74% of them are also guilty of judging. It’s time to end the cycle.

At Babble we like to say there’s only one way to parent: yours. We’re starting the #ThisIsParenting campaign to celebrate all the ways you get things done.

So, we want you to share your real, raw parenting moments on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using #ThisIsParenting.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.


Parents share their stories:

I Judged That Mom with the Tattoos and Pink Hair, but Then I Actually Talked to Her

“As a conservative Gen X mom, I’ve been guilty of judging millennial moms based on their tattoos and piercings. But then I actually talked to them.”

The Worst Way to “Help” Another Mom

“To the woman who offered my daughter an apple to stop having a tantrum … I know you were trying to help, but you did the opposite.”

Please Don’t Say I’m An Amazing Dad

“Let’s be real, no woman in the history of the universe has been called ‘such a great mom’ for feeding her kid at a restaurant.”

My Parenting Choices Are My Business

“There are many days where I think I’m being a horrible mother. But the very fact that I (and you) worry if we’re good parents, means we are good parents.”

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