19 Thoughts You Have After Dropping Your Kids Off at After-School Activities

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Image Source: Thinkstock

The “No More Mommy-and-Me” Era is a glorious epoch in the life of every mom. This is the beauteous life stage at which you can actually drop your children off at dance, gymnastics, or soccer and NOT STAY. You get a whole blessed hour to do whatever your little heart desires, as long as you were smart enough to either not have younger children or to leave them with your husband. But sometimes, with great freedom, comes great confusion. Here are 19 thoughts that go through the mind of the average mom upon returning to her car after leaving her kid at an after-school activity.

  1. A whole hour! Is that long enough to go grocery shopping? Not counting in the drive there and back. Que sera.
  2. What about go to the dry cleaner? Well, those clothes have waited for six months, so I guess another six months won’t hurt them.
  3. That means I have to do something just for me.
  4. What the heck does that mean I should do? I should text a friend and ask.
  5. She’s not writing back. Probably because her kids are driving her nuts at home. Ha ha sucka!
  6. Okay, we’re down to 47 minutes now. Not even enough time for the manicure that I just thought of.
  7. Let’s see if anyone on Facebook is doing anything fun that gives me ideas.
  8. I only have 35 minutes left! How did that happen? Facebook is such a time suck. I should delete it from my phone. But that would be like deleting my whole social life.
  9. Maybe I should just read a book on my Kindle.
  10. I forgot, I haven’t had the attention span to read a book in six years.
  11. Shoot, 28 minutes left! I’m blowing my only chance at freedom!
  12. I might as well go back inside and strike up a conversation with another mom.
  13. OMG, nobody is in there! I am such a loser!
  14. I planned this so poorly.
  15. Next time I’m going to come in my workout clothes and take a jog around the neighborhood during this hour.
  16. No I’m not.
  17. At least if I sit here, I’ll be there in case my daughter needs something.
  18. What would she need? So pathetic.
  19. Next time I’m sending my husband and staying at home to clean.
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