17 Thoughts Every Parent Has During the Morning Rush

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One of the reasons I loved summer was that the schedule with all three of my kids was so relaxed. The kids could wake up on their own in the morning, we could have a leisurely breakfast, and decide what we were going to do with our day. There was no yelling, no hurrying, no rushing to get anywhere; we could just go with the flow.

And then all of that peace and calm came to a screeching halt on that first day of school.

Although I give them plenty of time in the morning to get ready, eat, and even have a little bit of free time, they manage to wait until the very last minute to do everything. Our mornings before they go to school are chaos. Someone in the house is crying, someone is refusing to get dressed, brush their teeth, or eat, and someone is looking for a lost item that should have been found the night before. We’re frantically racing against the clock to get in the car and get to school on time.

By the time we get to school, all of the kids have what they need, but if you looked at me, it looks like I’d been put through the wringer. And in many ways, I have.

I’ve never met a parent that has a pleasant morning getting their kids ready for school (and if you do, please tell me your secret). The chaos of morning school preparation doesn’t stop at my house.

  1. “It’s the same routine every morning, why is this so difficult?!?!” — Kristy P.
  2. “Hurry up!” — Mishann L.
  3. “Can’t we just get through one morning without crying?” — Gabrielle K.
  4. “Why didn’t I check the backpack last night?” — Linda G.
  5. “How long until they are old enough to _______. In my case it’s make their own breakfast.” — Regina C.
  6. “Why oh why are both shoes never in the same spot?!” — Farrah C.
  7. “Why is it that they get up early on the weekends but fail to get up on time on school days?” — Alma R.
  8. “Holy crap we need to leave!” — Sarah B.
  9. “We’re gonna be late … ” — Amber D.
  10. “How can I make this easier and be less frustrated???” — Stephanie S.
  11. “Coffee. Where is the coffee?” — Ginni C.
  12. “Will you just get dressed already?” — Ilissa W.
  13. “For the love of Pete, please just … [brush your teeth, put on your clothes, stop whining, etc.]” — Erin L.
  14. “Why did I wait to pack their lunches?” — Rachel A.
  15. “We should have been in the car 10 minutes ago. ” — Chandra C.
  16. “I’m going to be late because they don’t want to cooperate! (While secretly knowing it’s my own fault for not getting up earlier myself )” — Christina B.
  17. “We are never going to make it on time.” — Kristen F.
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