Instagram Account Portrays Barbie as a Millennial Mom, and We Can’t Get Enough

I’ve seen countless picture-perfect photos all over Instagram — featuring pregnant moms, their gender reveals, and flawless families — but none quite like this.

The account tiff_thebarbie features none other than my favorite childhood toy Barbie, living out her life just like anyone else. While I used to stage all kinds of events for my Barbie dolls, it’s clear this version of the classic toy is not the quintessential Barbie we’ve all grown up with. We’re more likely to find this doll taking hipster photos or posting about her day-to-day “life” as a millennial mom. They truly look like real-life images you’d find in your feed from any other Insta-famous mama — only better because, duh, it’s Barbie!

While I’m already gushing over Barbie’s mom fashion in these posts, I can’t help but be enamored by the pregnancy photos. Not only did the account’s creator post a gender reveal photo series, she also took the time to give frequent “baby bump” updates throughout Barbie’s pregnancy. Are you freaking out yet? Because I am!

This Instagram account has taken what was a figment of my imagination as a child and turned it into a reality. I caught up with the creator, who prefers to remain anonymous, to get her inspiration. She says, “I wanted to create a picture-perfect life with Barbie. When I started the account I wasn’t planning to give her such a fun life or family, I just kept getting ideas along the way!”

It’s easy to see that a lot of time has been spent on these Barbie photos.

“It depends on what type of picture I’m taking, how many dolls are in the shot, and how many props I’m using. I would say 30 minutes if none of the dolls keep falling over and tumbling everything down,” she says. “The total time with actually taking and editing the pictures could be an hour or maybe more.”

The commitment to this ongoing project has certainly paid off, as the account currently has 11.6K followers. Pretty impressive for a Barbie doll, don’t you think? With over 700 posts, I imagine it would be tough to select a favorite. The owner says, “Right now it would be the picture of Tiff eating a bunch of snacks, with the Doritos spilled all over her shirt and her belly popping out. I had so much fun taking those pictures and I’m sure lots of pregnant women could relate to them.”

I can’t argue with that, as it’s the photo that first caught my eye. Complete with cake, Doritos, and Reddi Wip, this image of Tiff shows she’s a girl after my own heart. Aside from her intense snacking, this expecting mama can also be found lounging by the pool alongside her extremely trendy donut float. I’m pretty sure she has a cooler life than I!

As far as Tiff’s future goes, the creator of the account reveals, “For now, [she’s focused on] just being with her family and kids. I want her to be working on a big project, but I’m not saying anything yet because I want to plan out all the little details.” We’ll just have to stay tuned to see what this millennial mama is up to next!

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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