Mom Films Time-Lapse of Bedtime and I Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

Every parent has been there. You’re tired after a day of toddler-wrangling, and you’re trying to get your kids to bed at a reasonable hour because kids need their sleep … but more importantly you need a few damn minutes of quiet time before you lose your mind. Somehow the more tired you are, the less tired they are.

You may have heard of a little bedtime story called Go The F*ck to Sleep that is based on this everyday battle so many parents face. Well, 21-year-old mom of two, Henriette Jonassen of Norway, needs to get herself a copy because that is exactly what you’ll be shouting after watching her little video that has now gone viral, loved especially by parents who have been there time and again.

Jonassen says that although she got pregnant pretty early she was lucky to have her twins, Leon and Nathaniel. The boys, now 3, usually sleep together but Jonassen decided to put them in separate rooms in an effort to get them to sleep better. Lucky for us, she recorded her effort. As she explained on her blog, “I’ve been having a hard time getting my twins to bed recently because of the heat and long, sunny days, and I thought I’d try something new. But I was pretty certain it wouldn’t work, so I filmed it.”

Since uploading it to YouTube on July 24th the video has received more than 1 million views. A million people can’t be wrong! So watch Jonassen and her boys do the bedtime shuffle in the middle of a Norwegian summer (where it doesn’t get dark until at least 10 pm) and think of her next time you’re trying to get your crew to sleep. You’ll feel better about your own situation in no time, I assure you!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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