To the Mama Before Her Baby’s First Birthday

Mom and baby
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Hi Mama,

It’s hard to believe you’re here, isn’t it? You did it! 365 days. Some of the hardest, yet most rewarding days of your life. You have successfully survived a year of motherhood. It’s brought tears, laughs, unexpected moments, but most importantly so much love. More love than you knew you were capable of.

Some days you wonder how you got here. Those moments that you just wished would be over because they seemed to drag on forever leaving you tired and exhausted. Yet, there were also the days you spent trying desperately to stop time. To slow down those moments so that they could last just a little bit longer.

And now you sit here, with memories of this tiny baby that you could tuck closely in your arms that is now wiggling out of them desperate to be on the move. A part of you wants them to be little forever, but that other part is so excited to see what’s next.

It’s okay be on a roller coaster of emotions. To be sad for those moments that you will miss greatly, but to be happy that you’ve made it through alive! The first year is full of milestones, not just for your bundle of joy, but for you. You’ve pushed through many sleepless nights, changed more diapers than you could possibly count, made a successful trip to the grocery store without any meltdowns (from both you and baby,) and have spent hours upon hours staring at this precious little one studying every part that you helped create.

And while you spend hours and hours planning for this first birthday to be the best, remember that this day is also about you, mom. One year ago you brought this person into the world that would ultimately change your life forever. You’ve stuck with it, through the tough times and the best times. You’ve pushed yourself harder than you’ve ever thought you could.

As you put your 11-month-old down to bed one last time, with tears streaming down your face, pat yourself on the back. You did it, mama. Happy Birthday.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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