Funny Dad Lists Early-Riser Son for Sale as “Toddler Alarm Clock”

Image Source: Kevin Davies
Image Source: Kevin Davies

A Facebook ad has gone viral this week after one dad put his toddler up for “sale” — much to the delight of sleep-deprived parents everywhere.

Kevin Davies of Liverpool, United Kingdom posted the ad in the Liverpool Bargain Bay group after realizing his son is just never going to sleep in beyond the ungodly hour of 5:30 AM.

The ad, which is accompanied by a super cute photo of 1-year-old Archie (above) looking nothing short of angelic, reads:

Toddler alarm clock

Priceless alarm clock … no need to set ur alarm for work at 6am because u will already be up at 5:30am with this little one. Breakfast? No problem, he will have you making toast at 5:35am to start your day on a nice full belly 🙂

While there was always the risk that some would miss the humor of the post (hey, it happens on the Internet), luckily it has been received for what it is: a harmless joke from a dad who loves his kids.

Davies told Babble that he anticipated getting a few laughs because, “I knew there must be millions of other parents who go through the same thing in regards to getting up very early with their children.”

Banking on the “great sense of humor” Liverpool natives are known to have, Davies said he never worried about a negative reaction from his ad. “It seems to have been taken in the light-hearted, humorous way I had hoped,” he added.

Even though he expected a kind reception within his city, he had no idea that the post would soon go viral not just in the United Kingdom, but Australia and the United States. Davies said the reaction has left him “dumbfounded.”

Image Source: Kevin Davies
Image Source: Kevin Davies

While it has been hard for the 28-year-old father of three to Kellsie, 9, Alfie, 4, and of course, Archie, 1, to adjust to getting up so early, he now says it’s “second nature” to him and his wife, Lyndsey. “We actually laugh about it now when we hear him grunting or attempting to shout [to] us from his crib. … He will not give up until he is downstairs and enjoying his toast for breakfast. He is like a robot … once he senses it’s the crack of dawn he is up like the Energizer Bunny.”

Energizer Bunny, he sure is. But according to his proud dad, Archie is a “good kid and a huge bundle of happiness … We all love [him] to bits and he truly is a joy to call my son, as are all our children to my wife and I.”

And one day in the future, Davies can’t wait to tell his little “Energizer Bunny” of all the smiles he spread around the world.

“I am so proud of Archie because he doesn’t know where America is or what it means or anything, yet they know him and have seen his lovely little face which is priceless to me as a parent and exciting also, as I have a great story to tell him when he grows up. I can’t wait to tell him!”

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