This 2-Year-Old Fist Bumping Everyone on His Flight Makes Flying Look Way Less Terrible

Usually, flying sucks. You’re tired, check-in is a hassle, and getting through security with one or more kids in tow is a total nightmare. By the time you board, you just need a soft pillow, a stiff drink, or both. Which is what makes this latest viral story so awesome.

Meet Guy Jakubowicz — he’s 2 years old and cute as a button. On July 20, while Guy and his mom Alya were boarding a flight back home to Raleigh, North Carolina after visiting his grandma in Kansas City, Missouri, he made sure everyone on the way to his seat got a little dose of happiness — in the form of a fist bump.

Luckily, the adorable moment was captured by Alya and later shared on the Southwest Airlines’ Facebook page, where it’s since received over 26K likes and 24K shares.

The video shows 2-year-old Guy casually sauntering down the aisle saying “hi” and holding up his hand to fist bump to every person he passes. Some fellow passengers greet him with smiles, and one even meets his fist bump with explosion noises. And if someone didn’t put their fist out right away, Guy didn’t leave them hanging — he simply waited until they noticed what he was doing to make sure they got their props.

His mom tells Babble that Guy is definitely “all personality”… yes, even at 2!

“People are drawn to him, but his signature move is the fist bump,” she shares. “He does it when we leave restaurants, ice cream shops, the gym, etc. He loves to greet people with it! He truly brings a great deal of joy.”

Kudos to Alya for capturing Guy’s special entrance on camera — we all definitely need the positivity this week, and it doesn’t hurt to see an airline video popping into your feed that actually makes you feel good.

“The world is full of negative news at the moment and I am just overjoyed that my son is able to spread so much joy,” Alya tells Babble. “I am one proud Mama … He brought a lot of people together and in a very positive way. He doesn’t exclude anyone and I hope his innocent actions resonate with all who view it. Joy is everywhere if you just allow yourself to embrace it — or in this instance, fist bump it.”

Well said. Looks like he just gave new meaning to “flying the friendly skies!”

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