This 2-Year-Old Jumping in a Bounce House Is Way Cooler Than We’ll Ever Be

Could you captivate a million people in just 16 seconds? Didn’t think so. But this YouTube video of a 2-year-old named Parker has — captivating 1.2 million to be exact. Witness this footage of the coolest toddler ever to jump in a bounce house.

You’ve got to admit — in a zip-front sweater and collared shirt, this little dude has more swagger than any of us.

Todd Blass, Parker’s uncle, shot the video at Parker’s birthday party. Parker had been already holding his own while bouncing with the older kids, and then when he went in with the kids his own age, he pretty much took over.

“We were surprised because it’s just not something you expect to see — a 2-year-old just nonchalantly bouncing with his hands in his pockets,” Todd tells Babble. “He got out and everyone was a little intimidated.”

The video is currently trending on YouTube and the comments are rolling in. “You can tell this kid is gonna be a future president,” says one.

Another says, “That child is more chill than I have ever been in my entire life.”

Of course, a few people didn’t get it, asking, “Why is this trending?” But that’s when another commenter swiftly summed it up in two words: “BOSS BABY.”

We can’t wait to see who this “boss” becomes.

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