Hilarious Toddler Scolds Dad for Leaving the Toilet Seat Up: “Why Do You Keep Doing That?”

Three-year-old Bradlee Rae Hayes of Bedford, Texas, is speaking up for ladies worldwide in a hilarious viral video. And, ironically, it has to do with keeping a lid on it — the toilet seat, that is.

In the video, posted to YouTube on September 6, the baffled toddler scolds her father Jeramiah, saying: “How many times do I have to tell you when you put the seat up and I tell you to put it down for me? Why do you keep doing that?”

It’s an age-old debate (okay, sometimes a downright argument) that has been fueling the battle of the sexes for generations. I mean, it’s easy to put the lid down, right? All men have to do is go to the bathroom, do their business, and then leave the seat the way they found it. The last time we checked, it requires equal effort to lift the seat up than it does to put it down.

And yet, whenever the topic is brought up, every man living in shared households across America expresses the very same sentiment little Hayes’ father does: “Well, I mean, you just got to put it down.”

Right …

Seriously guys, you’re really missing the point on this one. We don’t want to do your dirty work. And, assuming we haven’t just fallen into the toilet at this stage (read: sitting down without checking first), we shouldn’t have to.

Even at 3-years-old, Hayes gets it. And she will not let it fly.

“Listen to me, when you’re done with the potty … you got to put [the seat] down for the girls,” she tells her dad.

You tell him, girl!

So ladies, the next time you enter your bathroom only to be met with a toilet seat that’s been left up by a man in your life, don’t just let it go (or put it down) without a fight. Let’s take a page from this preschooler’s rule book on proper bathroom etiquette and flush out the issue, once and for all.

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